Embellishing the Edges with Pen

Today is Full of Possibility!

I love this part of the process. It’s where the edge begins to become unique.
What do you want to say? What is important to you? How do you feel?

The password for this demo of How to Embellish the Edges with Pen is: embellish

Embellishing Edges with Pen from Valerie Sjodin on Vimeo.

You can see directly above that the shapes and text more loosely fit into the shape. It gives a different feel than in the video demo. You can trust yourself to go with your flow on those kinds of decisions.

Gratitude journal cover


  1. katissharp@gmail.com

    I noticed that you have a paper to the side that has quotes or verses and some notes on those. Is that just a collection or do you have them all as the idea of what you want in your journal? Also, I was thinking that you probably don’t make the journal all in one stretch. It seems that it would be a work in progress?

    • Yes, that is one way I keep track of the quotes and verses I put in an art journal. When I get a theme for a journal I make a collection of quotes and sometimes add to them during the process. I go into some detail about the process in the next class I’m working on right now, Lettering and Doodling Hope. You are right, I do not make the journal all in one stretch. I see each journal as a personal journey, so the process is just as or more meaningful as the outcome.

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