How to Fit Text into a Shape!

If you saw the YouTube video on Fitting Text into Shapes. This is an upgraded version of that one. Remember, you can use any shape. It’s like the foundation, text and image in a dance – and you’re leading!

The password for this demo of How to Fit Text into a Shape is: shape

How to Fit Text into a Shape from Valerie Sjodin on Vimeo.

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  1. LJ

    Hi just wanted you to know that I return to your on line workshops often. I find them so inspiring. Lin x

    • Thank you Lin! Many creative blessings to you!

  2. Lori

    I am back again, after health issues , and just love it, your work is so inspiring. A humongous thank you. Lori

    • Lori, You are so welcome. I am happy you are enjoying the content. Blessings of health and joyful creativity to you! – Valerie

  3. sacredshenanigans

    Hi Valerie, I havent got Fabre Castell “Pitt pens” so tried using other fineliners…..but they always bleed when I put the matte medium or just water over the top. So even if a product says “waterproof” it does NOT seem to do the job. So are Pitt pens alcohol based?????

    • Faber-Castell pens are India ink and permanent. I’m not sure about the alcohol base, but alcohol does take them off if they are on top of an acrylic medium or paint. The only time I’ve had them smear is if I don’t allow time to dry or I have a lot of layers of acrylic paint and medium and then put waterbased product on top, but that is rare.

  4. sacredshenanigans

    Aha….just tried an Artline ” drawing system” pen and it seems to be ok!!!

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