Embellishing the Edges with Paint

Painting the edges always reminds me that what looks hard is often doable if I break it down into steps.
For me, this part is the most fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Love-Freedom edge

You probably did this at the beginning of  the last lesson, but just in case, it is worth mentioning again:
IMPORTANT STEP!  BEFORE you begin to paint, brush a thin, thorough coat of matte medium on the surface of the page, and let it dry completely. This will seal the journal page, and make it easier and more forgiving to move the paint around with your brush.

The password for this demo of How to Embellish the Edges with Paint is: edges

Painting Embellished Edges from Valerie Sjodin on Vimeo.

embellished edge-context

If you would like to learn how to paint backgrounds like the page above, and more, check out:

Beautiful Backgrounds Workshop



  1. Susan

    Do I need to go to Facebook to see comments made on this workshop?

    • Susan, people are free to comment here in the class site, although most choose to interact in the Facebook group where they can leave photos of their images.

  2. Charlotte

    I love the brush you are using. Would you share what your favorite brand is? Thanks

    • Charlotte. The brush in that video is called Connoisseur 367 w-taklon round, number 6. I hope that helps. I don’t think it was very expensive, as I tend not to by very expensive brushes.

  3. Alix

    Dear Valerie,
    Instead of boiling water to use when mixing spray inks buy gallon jugs of distilled water. Can’t get much purer. Only cost about $1.50 a gallon and a gallon goes a long way. Your journals are amazing!

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