Using Gesso for Backgrounds

Here is the supply list of what you need for your backgrounds: 

  • Regular White Gesso
  • Acrylic Matte Medium
  • Paper towels
  • Palette
  • Water container
  • Paint Brushes, medium-larger size
  • Mark making items such as bubble wrap, plastic card, corrugated cardboard
  • Journal Pages to paint backgrounds on 
  • Scraps of paper

This following video shows various ways I’ve used Gesso to make backgrounds:

The password for the video is: background

This second video demonstrates the process of painting various backgrounds with Gesso:

The password for the video is: background

Here are some close-up photos of the backgrounds done in the above video:

gesso primer background

background light texture gesso

background big texture gesso

background collage gesso

Thank you for joining me in this Beautiful Backgrounds Workshop. I hope you are inspired to express yourself even more through Art Journaling. Many creative blessings to you!

The password for the video above is: background

embellished edge-context

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  1. Beatrice

    Valerie, I am enjoying soooo much your workshops!! My God, you are so talented ! And you make things look so easy…. You make my days so happy! Thank you so much!

    • Oh Beatrice, I’m so glad you are happily creating and enjoying the workshops! Cheers and blessings to you for even more creativity and art adventures!

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