Painting Background Using Glazing Liquid

last spread background

Here is the supply list of what you need to paint your background: 

  • Acrylic paint  in the colors of your choice ( I prefer Golden Fluid Acrylics)
  • Acrylic Glazing Liquid
  • Paper towels
  • Palette
  • Water container
  • Paint Brushes, large ones
  • Template or Stencil
  • Spray Bottle for water
  • 2 oz paint spray bottles in colors of your choice
  • Toothbrush (optional)
  • Journal Pages to paint backgrounds on 

In this following video I demonstrate how I painted the background above in the HOPE JOURNAL:

The password for the video is: background

Hope Journal-last spread






  1. Ana

    Before applying the glazing medium, had you applied matte medium? Does it matter?

    • No I didn’t apply matte medium first. I could have, but it wasn’t necessary.

  2. Melanie

    Does it matter if the Acrylic Glazing Medium is gloss or satin? I didn’t notice that you mentioned or listed a difference in the supplies, and your bottle had both printed on it….

    • Melanie, Either one should work. There will likely be a more of a sheen to the gloss. The only thing I would be careful of is that any acrylic product that is glossy is more likely to stick together. My bottle has both because I reused the gloss bottle after it was used up because I like the nozzle. I wrote “Satin” on the bottle. I’m using Satin finish in the videos. The Gloss was the previous use.

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