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Here is a photo of what you need to make  a journal out of watercolor paper:

Supplies for making journal

Here is the list of what you need to make a journal out of watercolor paper: 

  • 1 full Sheet of Watercolor Paper 22″ x 30″: Fabriano 140 lb, either hot
    press or soft press (each sheet makes one 8”x10” journal)
  • Metal Ruler preferably with a cork back
  • Bone Folder (the side of a pair of scissors will work, but the bone folder is
    much better)
  • Push pin or awl for making holes in journal
  • Button or carpet thread, or bookbinding thread
  • Needle with a big enough eye for heavy thread to go through
  • Pencil
  • 2 Clips for holding pages in place while sewing (optional)

In the video below, I show how to make journal pages from a single sheet of 22″ x 30″ piece of watercolor paper. I first learned this from Teesha Moore’s Amazing 16-Page Journal Part 1 and  Teesha Moore’s Amazing 16-page Journal Part 2 YouTube videos.

The password for the video is: journal

Here is a PDF that shows the process. Click on the link:


Here is a video that shows how to sew your journal together. You can sew the journal together after you cut the edges, or before, or cut one or more before and then cut more after you sew it together. Do what you feel the most sure of first (That’s my one Art rule)

The password for the video is: journal










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