Bonus Inspiration: Granada Journal

I’ve included this section because the theme of this travel journal, from my trip to Spain, is expressed in its edges, and I thought it might provide some added inspiration. The journal is a modified accordion style, but sewn together using the same techniques as the Hope journal.

Granada Journal-birds eye view

The cut shapes on the top edges of the journal were inspired by the layers of civilization and buildings of Granada.  As I looked at my photos from the trip, I took note of the shapes of the tops of buildings, silhouettes of trees, doorways, etc.

Granada Journal-Cover standing

Here are the steps I took:

1. With a pencil I sketched possible shapes of rooflines for the front cover.

2. I cut the front cover rooftops and worked my way back, sketching and then cutting the green foliage pages and the back building shapes.

3. After the top edge shapes were cut, I cut strips of painted tissue paper to put on the top building shape portion of the pages.The tissue paper was painted in the same way as taught in the Marbling & More class, but you could use any paper. I cut or tore the bottom edges of the tissue paper pieces to the shapes I wanted them but left plenty of paper to hang off the edge.

4. The strips of tissue paper were glued on using a brush with matte medium, leaving the top with extra paper hanging over the edge so I wouldn’t need to be precise.

5. When dry, I cut around the tissue paper to fit the edges of the shapes. Below are a couple of images that show part of the process of the Granada Journal.  I glued the tissue paper on with matte medium. Then, when dry, I cut the extra tissue paper off. 

Granada Journal-painted paper cut

6. On an inside, shorter page I sketched and cut archways and a window.

The Arches and Patterns of the Alhambra are incredible! So here I went all out and echoed their shapes, cutting photos to fit, and even a window…

Granada journal page 1

The next page, other side of the window:

Granada journal-2nd page flat

I like how the journal abstractly shows the layers of buildings in a similar way that I experienced them while in Granada.

Here is a view of the back of the journal folded out to include the front and back cover:

Granada Journal-back open standing

Here is a picture of the back spread before the photos are glued on:

Granada Journal-painted paper edge

Here is a picture of just the back spread of the journal, covers folded in:

Granada Journal-back center

Another view of the interior edges:

Granada Journal Acazaba-garden

The back cover open to show some of the other pages:

Granada Journal-back unfolded

The blogpost is found is found at:

Thank you for joining me for Embellishing Edges and Text workshop. I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired!



  1. Charlotte

    Hi Valerie, The word “Inspired” is putting it mildly….I am overwhelmed by your beautiful Granada Journal!! The colors you use in your artwork are amazing. I am a beginner and I am enjoying the journey you are providing me. Thank you for the added bonus…a thoughtful gift!! Charlotte

    • Thank you Charlotte! Many blessings on your creative journey!

  2. Amy

    Thank you SO much! This class was wonderful. I can’t wait to use the techniques you showed!

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