Doodling the Edge with Paint

IMPORTANT STEP!  BEFORE you begin to paint, brush a thin, thorough coat of matte medium on the surface of the page, and let it dry completely. This will seal the journal page, and make it easier and more forgiving to move the paint around with your brush.

The password for this demo of How to Embellish the Edges with Paint is: embellish

Embellishing Edges with Painted Doodles from Valerie Sjodin on Vimeo.

Hope Journal, Tubman quote page

Thank you for joining me for Embellishing Edges and Text workshop. I hope you enjoyed it and are inspired!

The password for this video is: embellish

Embellishing Edges Thank You from Valerie Sjodin on Vimeo.

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Many Creative Blessings and Joy to You!



  1. Diana

    I saw where you had hands cut out of music paper. Did you glue those down? If so, what kind of glue did you use? If not, how do you go about affixing paper to your journals? I’m sure enjoying all of your knowledge and talent. Thank you for the workshops! Diana

    • I use matte medium to adhere papers to the watercolor paper when I art journal, as in the cut out music hands 🙂

  2. Patricia

    Thank you so much for sharing your delightful journal techniques! I’ve been making the Teesha Moore journals for a while now, but only I her ‘traditional’ style. I LOVE your spin on it and am off to purchase more paper now! May I ask one question please… no wait… two questions (sos Rory to be greedy!)
    1. Can one use heavy cartridge paper instead?
    2. Do you only use transparent acrylics?
    Again, thanks so much for all the trips and tricks!

    • Hi Patricia, I’m sorry for the delayed response. As far as paper goes, I am not familiar with cartridge paper unless it’s called something else where I’m at. Whenever I am unsure about the use of a specific material, I do a sample one to see if it will work. I’ve found a smooth watercolor paper works best for me, but there is no reason why not to try something else. One tip would be that if you are using wet media such as paint, try putting a coat of either matte medium, clear gesso, or glazing liquid on the page either over permanent ink or pencil. Allow it to dry and then be free to use paint. The pages may buckle a bit, but that could be part of the handmade charm. I use a lot of transparent acrylics to give a translucent luminosity, but you could use other acrylic paint. The more of a white base a color has the less transparent and more dull the color will be. Sometimes that’s what you want, so it varies from use to use. If you want to make your colors more transparent and fluid, add some glazing liquid to the paint. Just know it will take longer to dry. Hope that helps. Blessings, Valerie

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