Painting the Feather & Bird Doodle

In this lesson the videos demonstrate painting the doodle feather
and the birdcage doodle.

feather-emily dickenson quote

Here is a list of lettering/doodling supplies you will need for this lesson to paint the doodles: 


  • Journal Pages of watercolor paper to doodle and write on
  • Paints: At least 5 Colors Acrylic Paint, preferably Golden brand fluid acrylic paints not counting white or black in colors you would like to use in your journal. You will get more vibrant results if at least three of these are transparent colors. Also you may want to use Titanium white too. See my notes on paints attached to the bottom of the Supply List PDF.
  • Brushes: Any acrylic or mixed media brushes should work. For the more refined work in this lesson you may want: one small round brush and one medium round that comes to a good point, one flat brush.
  • Acrylic Matte Medium to put on surface before painting. Putting it on after painting is optional.
  • Palette/s – may use paper plates or plastic lids etc.
  • Protective covering for table
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional) for removing acrylic paint
  • Water container
  • Paper towels

The following video is a demo of my process of painting the Feather Doodle in the Hope Journal:

The password for the video is: do-letter

bird top cage doodle

In the video shows how I paint the birdcage doodle:

The password for the video is: do-letter

bird in cage doodle

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