Ideas on Using Painted Papers

Here are some examples of ways I’ve used painted  papers in art journals. I hope you find inspiration!

Cut circles and tree trunk shapes, gluing them on with matte medium and shading with paint,
plus strips of painted music glued on the bottom edge:


Cut out flower and nature shapes and then outlined the shapes with pen, twice:


All of the images in the journal page below (not including text ribbon) are collage pieces of painted papers and outlined with black and white pen:


Torn strips of painted papers shown here below. I shaded the edges with paint. The whitest paper was tissue paper I used to blot other papers. The bottom paper I bought and the middle leaf patterned paper was painted and then stamped with the leaf stamp:


Here is the opposite page of the journal shown above. I tore circles of painted papers for the flowers, gluing down with matte medium. When dry, I outlined them with gold pen.


Here is a detail view of a page where I just cut circles  and leaf shapes, and outlined them for the look of hanging fruit:

tissue paper fruit

Teardrop shaped painted music was glued on and outlined here:

illuminate my heart-valerie-sjodin

Marbling many pages and gluing painted papers onto backgrounds of pages:


Side detail view of above journal:


Here is the Granada Journal and a bit of the process of using painted tissue paper:

Granada Journal-birds eye view

Tissue Paper painted and torn or cut and glued onto the journal page.

Granada Journal-painted papers glued

Granada Journal-painted paper cut

Granada Journal-painted paper edge

 After photos were added:Granada Journal-back center

The page below features rectangle shapes of tissue paper glued onto the collage and painted page, and cut out vessels from the other painted papers glued on with matte medium:

WaW book page fill me Lord

Thank you for joining me for Marbling & More Online workshop! Many creative blessings to you!


Painted Papers,creative church journal detail copy








    As always, your work is beautiful and inspirational. Thank you for sharing it with us! Great, new ideas for my own journal pages.


    These are wonderful pages and I’m so thankful that you added them for us to be inspired with. Gorgeous work and as always, so very creative. You have a wonderful talent and sharing it this way is so appreciated! Thank you!


    Thank you! I love all of these ideas and the great colors that you used. I love seeing examples so I get ideas on what to do with my papers.


    Thanks, Valerie, for sharing so generously and, through your sharing, being such an inspiration to others!

  5. Ana

    great example of using the painted papers. Very inspiring. Can’t wait to get some papers done. On average, how long does it take you to complete an art journal – where you’ve used paints and painted papers?

    • Thank you Ana. So happy you’ve found them inspiring. It’s a bit hard to answer your question of “how long”. Probably because for me the value of the journal is mostly in the process and inner journey I go through rather than the final product. I rarely just have one journal I’m working in, and I don’t keep track of the time. I like to keep journal making outside of time tracking as much as possible and tend to work on them when I can. Also, do you count the time it takes to come up with an idea, color palette etc? It really varies. I have spent from a few days to a number of months. One thing I know is when the journal is done, no one cares how long it took. The more I journal, the faster the techniques flow. I think the important thing is to go at a pace you are comfortable with, not putting pressure on yourself. Joy in the journey!

  6. Ana

    Yes, indeed. Point taken. I’ll definitely keep that in mind! Thank you Valerie for sharing your art – it is so very inspiring.

  7. Judie

    I am curious about the curls of gold in the background. Are those stencils or did you cut them from the tissue paper?

    • Hi Judie, I cut the gold swirls out of the painted paper starting with a circle and then cutting the swirl. Thank you for mentioning that. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to add a bonus video of that.

      • Judie

        That would be great! Thank you for all the added ideas! I am enjoying myself so much!

  8. Jan

    Hi Valerie, I really enjoyed this, thank you so much. It has inspired me to get going, have been hesitant until now !

  9. Robin

    I so love your work , it inspires me in so many areas of my life. I am so glad to have purchased all of your online workshops , they are well done and helpful in getting my creative juices flowing .

    • Thank you Robin. It is so kind of you to say so. Enjoy and many creative blessings to you! Love, Valerie

  10. Lori

    Valerie, your work is so beautiful, and so inspiring, can’t wait to get started.
    Look out hubby,s shaving cream.

    • Teehee. I’ve found it goes both ways. Just two days ago my husband ran out of shaving cream and ran to the studio…

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