Transforming a Found Image
with Doodling & Paint

This lesson demonstrates how I took a copyright free image of a butterfly and use it as a visual prompt and aid for my own doodling design

Let Hope arise page

Here is a list of the supplies I use in this lesson:

  • Journal Pages of watercolor paper to doodle and write on
  • FaberCastell Pitt Drawing Pen
  • Small round paintbrush, and medium round paint brush that come to a good point
  • Acrylic Paint in the colors of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Matte medium for gluing
  • Plain paper 1-2 sheets
  • Paper Towel
  • Water Container and Water
  • Palette
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional) for removing acrylic paint or pen
  • PDF  in this lesson, click on link: butterfly images or other found image you are inspired by. Images found in Dover book: ANIMALS 1419 Copyright Free Illustrations of Mammals, Birds, Fish, Insects, etc. Selected by Jim Harter

This video shows how I transform a found image into my own style with doodling:

The password for the video is: do-letter

This video demonstrates how I paint the butterfly doodle:

The password for the video is: do-letter

Let Hope arise butterfly detail


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