Art Journaling & Bible Journaling Supplies

Here is a list of my favorite art supplies and resources. I will be adding more products such as paints and wet media soon. I’ve included comments about some of the products which I hope you find helpful. A note about affiliate links on my website: I am an affiliate with Amazon, which means I receive a small percentage commission per sale, when products are purchased by clicking on links on my website to Amazon. There is no additional cost to you. I only recommend products and books I enjoy using often and produce good results. Tips I’ve learned from personal experience with the products are shared before the product links.


ABOUT THE PENS: I use Faber-Castell Pitt pens for wet and dry media; Sakura Microns pens for dry media because they aren’t as waterproof as the Faber-Castell pens, although they have a wide range of widths and are usually less expensive than the Faber-Castell pens. Both brands show no-bleed through for Bible journaling. I often use gray brush pens for drop shadowing key words. The white Gelly Roll pen is not waterproof. I don’t put wet media on top, or spray with a fixative to set the ink.

COLORED PENCILS are one of the mediums I use most often in journaling. I have used Prismacolor for years because they have vibrant colors and give a buttery smooth look. There are good choices out there so use what you have and love. The colorless blender is the wax based lead, same as the colored pencils without the pigment. It smooths out and intensifies the colored pencil. A good pencil sharpener is essential for working with colored pencils. The Prismacolor sharpener works very well with the colored pencils which tend to break easily.

I’ve been quite happy with the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible. It has held up well with Bible Journaling and the hard cover makes it sturdy to work in. I often add other versions of verses to the margins. The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling is full of inspiration from many Bible Journalers and has great lettering ideas. I have a 4-page article in the book.

The Leuchtturm1917 dotted journal is hands down my favorite and it comes in a lot of colors. The Moleskine Large Grid journal is similar and I used it for years. The Leuchtturm is a little wider, with page numbers and index space. The set of three moleskines are great for smaller theme journals, either the grid or blank pages.

Gelatos are my new favorite dry medium for subtle, soft backgrounds for Bible journaling and other thin papers such as the Moleskine and Lechtturm grid and dot journals. The gelatos can be applied and easily blend to create beautifully soft, colorful backgrounds. The more the merrier. I’ve added a set of greens and blues to the Dolce 2 set since the set doesn’t include a range of these colors. They are also good for rubbing over stencils, and can be written over and outlined with pen as long as it is applied thinly and rubbed into the surface of the paper.

Some essentials for journaling in general are a white eraser and kneaded eraser. The scissors come as a set of scissors I use often to cut small collage items. Glue sticks are extremely handy for gluing papers and lightweight meaningful collage items. I have been happy with Elmers Extra-Strength and Avery brands. For gluing larger pieces, I often use YES paste.

TRAVEL JOURNALING: A pocket watercolor journal is just the right size for small watercolor sketches, lettering and noting the day’s events. I have been very happy with the Koi field kit. The colors are vibrant and it all comes in a handy case. For recording what we do when I often carry a paperback  pocket journal, either plain, lined, or grid. The grid one is shown here.

More tips and supplies coming soon