The Cozy Story Behind Colorful Blessings: Home Sweet Home

We are all on a journey and have a story to tell. Often the journey leads us back home, to who we are meant to be. Here, is the story behind some of the coloring pages in the Colorful Blessing coloring book. We all need a place to call home. Every person is significant. In the  Colorful Blessings coloring book, the pages give a glimpse into my story expressed through line. They are waiting to be colored, to connect with your story. May you belong, be-long, be-loved. If you purchase and enjoy my coloring book,  would you write a review on Amazon? … Read More

An Alphabet Story Behind the Art of Colorful Blessings

Sometimes it amazes me how something that seems insignificant ends up being something of meaning and connection. It was like that with these pages. I wanted to be a part of an online Art Journaling group Bernice Hopper invited me to, An A to Z of Me. The trouble was, I was so busy, I didn’t have time to get out my paints, start a new journal etc. Fortunately, Bernice’s groups have the flexibility to go with your own flow. So I decided to do what I could to participate. That meant not doing the techniques, but doing the prompts… Read More

The Faith Story Behind the Art of Colorful Blessings

Since my faith is such an important and integrated part of my life,  I made a journal expressing my faith. Here, is the story behind some of the faith-filled coloring pages in the Colorful Blessing coloring book. Here is a blog post link see a flip through of my Faith journal: If you would like to learn the lettering and doodling techniques shown in these journals, check out the Lettering & Doodling Hope online workshop: More techniques for backgrounds, marbling, and creating unique edges are found in the other workshops listed there.  We all believe in something, someone. In this… Read More

Trust – The Story Behind Colorful Blessings

Trading fear for trust. It is a part of the life journey I find myself on. So it is not surprising a number of the coloring pages have Trust as a theme and a process. The page below is from my Faith journal: Part of trusting is being brave. It is what my name means, but I have often found myself feeling anything but brave. Being brave means stepping out with courage, trusting it will all work out, that I don’t have to be perfect. Instead, work for excellence and move forward… The page above has encouraged me to trust… Read More

The Playful Story Behind the Art: Nurture and Celebrate!

Here, are some visual stories of nurturing tranquility, playing, and celebrating life behind the coloring pages in the Colorful Blessing coloring book. One way to nurture tranquility is to get outside and enjoy nature. The little journal above was about when I went with my husband to my favorite place, our Oregon beach. When it is sunny and warm, it is the most wonderful, beautiful place in the world to me. I even enjoy it when it is rainy and storming. Here is a link to the original blog post I wrote with the rest of the story: For techniques done… Read More

The Story Behind the Art of Colorful Blessings

We each have a story to tell, and our stories relate to one another. Every person is significant. In the just released Colorful Blessings coloring book, the pages give a glimpse into my story expressed through line. They are waiting to be colored, to connect with your story. Here, are some of the stories behind the coloring pages in the Colorful Blessing coloring book. The cover of Colorful Blessings went through a number of changes as I worked through the process with the publisher, Taunton Press. This is what we agreed on and I think it reflects the style of the book well. The… Read More

How I Explore my Word of the Year

I had someone send me a message this week saying she didn’t have a word for the year. The process left her feeling blank, sad. In writing posts like many written at this time of year, I want to say that having a specific word is not the most important thing. I believe with all my heart that God wants a relationship with each one of us and desires to speak, listen, and help us be all we are meant to be. It may or may not be in the form of a specific word for they year. With that… Read More

SURPRISE: An Animal of the Year? Yes

Already my quote of the year has been active: “Plan to be surprised.” from the movie Dan in Real Life. This week I am surprised I am sharing with you about my animal of the year instead of my word of the year. I will share the word next week – at least that is my plan 🙂 Why an animal? Sometimes I miss the obvious, and have just realized that after many unusual encounters with animals over the years, there may be seasons where God speaks to me through a particular animal or aspect of nature. Now I am… Read More

The Christmas Mystery – God with Us

One of the Christmas mysteries that is hard to grasp is that Jesus, born as a baby, is both fully God and fully man. How could the God of the universe, so big, come to be so vulnerably small? It seems almost unthinkable that the Creator of the Universe would come and limit himself to human time, space, to a body like ours. Why? “Because of God’s tender mercy the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the… Read More

A Season of Yearning…Bible Journaling Advent

One thing I’ve noticed in my Bible that I’ve overlooked in years past is the empty spaces. The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible is what I’ve been using to add art to the Bible Journaling. This week I’ve considered the meaning of the space between the Hebrew Scripture and the New Testament. A few partially blank pages and one full blank page represent hundreds of years when God’s people waited and wondered. The word that comes to mind is “Yearning.” The advent hymn that comes to mind is “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus” written by Charles Wesley. “Come, thou long… Read More