Wrestling or slogging through… sometimes that’s how it feels. If I can just do the next thing I know I’m supposed to do and not worry about the rest. When I feel frustrated, “wonder as I wander”, am having a hard time focusing, a scribble prayer sometimes helps. Of all the kinds of visual prayer the scribble is the one I avoid. I think it’s because I’m such a planner and I don’t like to figure out what to do with the extra lines that seem to clutter and look messy. But that is why it is the perfect one to choose to do when going in circles, wrestling, slogging through. Here is my latest, filled with questions about what to do, which direction to take…. As I drew I asked, 

“Lord, what do you have to say to me about…?” 
“Lead me with Your peace.” 



  1. I love it Valerie….I've done some of my hardest questions this way and find that while keeping my hands scribbling my mind is free to focus on God…..
    We all need answers, don't we? I know HE is faithful and that He will give us all what we need…….


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