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At times I flounder about what I should be doing now. The school I taught at closed almost two years ago. Since then, I needed some time for restoration. I want to hear God, but I get in the way sometimes. I want to see results, have that sense of accomplishment. It has been a time of letting go, of being rather than doing, dealing with disappointment, turning 50 and knowing life is short. Living life in the present, being present, resting in God’s presence. That is what I need. I came across this prayer in the Celtic Daily Prayer book that reflects the longing of my heart right now, and put it in my visual prayer journal.

This is another season of change: our daughter and son-in-law moved to Kenya last week in hopes of starting a fish farm business (Ushindi Foods) and bringing protein to orphaned children. We visited our son and grandsons who live in another state last week, loving, wanting to encourage and help around the house. Our youngest is finishing college soon and love is in the air. Where did the time go? So fast. Here is the visual blessing I sent them off with:


jennie-brians-blessing-backValerie Sjodin copyright 2011


  1. valerie, i love this. it speaks to the tension where i constantly find myself. resting in Him and wanting to be productive. i am constantly recalibrating to Him…"ok LORD today i am resting in you and believing that being is doing…listening for Your voice and going where You say."
    bless you in all your journey and may you always feel His presence.

  2. Thank you Catalina. Thank you for encouraging us to rest in God, listen, and then act. Blessings to you as well in your journey!

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