you know my frailty, 
my needs, my longings, 
my discouragement, and struggles. 
I want to be free. I want to hear Your voice, 
be connected to You, and trust You in spite of, 
or rather through these circumstances.
You love me and are trustworthy.
You are with me always,
never leaving me,
whether in life 
or in death.
Life goes on, even if we aren’t ready. In the past week a beautiful, loving woman died unexpectedly. She was one of those people who loved her family and people around her and everyone knew it. A day or so later a baby girl is born to a sweet young family across the street. Big changes, life and death.
I am reminded to be thankful and enjoy the relationships I have, that life is short, and also worth living.
Then there are the other life changes and challenges…. hopes and disappointments…. we all have them.
Below is a visual blessing I made a couple of weeks ago but haven’t given yet. I know who it is for, but haven’t had the opportunity to give it yet. I don’t like to post blessings until I have given them, but this one seems especially timely to me in light of the circumstances of people around me and the inner battles I’ve been facing recently. I take hope in the image of the resurrected Christ, life after death, and resurrection power for living. I am also taking to heart the quote by Priscilla Maurice. I hope it encourages you too. Today I read John 15, and am comforted that God doesn’t expect me to do anything without him. I know I can’t, but He can.


image & text copyright Valerie Sjodin 2011


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