Happy Easter! He is Risen! Yes, He is risen indeed! 
I love the resurrection story in John 20, with the incredible encounter between Mary Magdalene and Jesus and Jesus appearing to his followers. I imagine the disciples, afraid, hiding behind locked doors, when suddenly Jesus, they followed who had been crucified and buried appears in their midst. I love that he spoke the words “Shalom aleichem” peace, well-being be upon you, as he showed them his wounds. It must’ve been the best show-n-tell ever! Their sorrow and fear instantly turned to jubilant joy. Their Lord had conquered death and lives! Resurrection! Jesus said again, “Peace be with you.” and “As the Father has sent me, so I am sending you.” He was passing onto them the Person, Presence and Power that indwelled him. They were to continue the mission of bringing God’s Kingdom to earth. Then He breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” 
Here are two portions of the  Shalom Prayer (click here for a link to the website) shared by the Maranatha Community:

“Lord Jesus, be the Lord of my life.
Be the Lord of my thoughts and feelings, my memories and hopes.
I accept your authority over everything I have been am or will be.
I bow down before you.
As I see you on your cross held down by cruel nails
I see your arms stretched out seeking to embrace the whole world, seeking to embrace me, 
seeking to love, seeking to forgive, seeking to make whole.
I praise you that you died for me.”

“Fill me now with your stillness, with the reality of your living presence.
Help me now to pray – even without words.
Help me to pray with my breathing,
to breathe in of your love and your peace
to breathe out of my pain and sadness
to breathe in of your cleansing and forgiveness
to breathe out of my guilt and impurity.
So in my breathing may my body be at one with you, 
in harmony with you at ease with you. 
May I be still and know that you are God.
May I be still and know that you are the Lord who brings healing.
Help me to hear your still, small voice Lord Jesus.
May I now hear your words “Peace, be still.”

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