Here is the final entry from my Shalom Art Journal. The silhouette of my husband and I was made from a photo taken of our shadows on one of those rare sunny day at the beach during the Pacific Northwest winter. I used it in my demo a few days later. The verse, Isaiah 26:3, has been hanging on our bedroom wall in a beautiful illuminated form since our marriage over 30 years ago. It was given to us by our good friend Ben so it holds even more meaning. It seems quite fitting to include the Scripture here.
Above is the back inside cover with the lower portion being a pocket to hold a copy of the “Shalom Prayer” I’ve quoted throughout the series. “Beautiful Dreamer” is a sheet of music of painted with a shaving cream marbling technique (we do it in the art journaling class) and given to me by my longtime friend Michelle who was in the evening workshop. The circle stamp was given to me by Liz who generously shared them with us in the morning workshop. It seemed fitting to me, and beautiful, to include the contributions of kindred spirits at the close of this journal about Peace.

shared by the Maranatha Community:

“This moment may every part of my being be at peace.
Let my heartbeat be in harmony with your heartbeat
let every part of my body be filled with your Spirit.
Father, may I now feel the radiance of your love upon my life.
May I feel the warmth of your fatherly love upon me,
your child, trusting, depending, loving.
Help me to know what joy my response brings to You.
Give me grace in my weakness to cry ‘Abba’, Father.
Help me to know that beneath me are 
your everlasting arms bearing me up.”

“Glory be to you Father.
Glory be to you Lord Jesus Christ.
Glory be to you Holy Spirit.


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  1. Thank you! What a blessing to see your art with the scripture and how it came about. I love it! Shalom, Indeed.

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