If you’ve followed my blog for awhile you probably know about two years ago I started to make visual blessings for people. It began at a prophetic art workshop when I asked God for an image for someone I didn’t know and then met the person in the park and the blessing was just right for her. I could not have known when I made it how it would speak directly to her and what she was going through. It was a dramatic beginning for me. Since then I make blessings for people as I feel led. Many are not as extraordinary as the first one, but it is a privilege and a blessing to give one. Recently I asked for a birthday blessing for my grandson who is turning seven. Immediately I got this acronym for s-e-v-e-n that I believe is specifically for him, speaking into who he is made to be.

It was done on an 8″ x 10″ piece of watercolor paper, written with  Pitt and Micron Pens, and painted with fluid acrylics in washes much like watercolor.


  1. Valerie, What wonderful things to say to a 7 yr. old. This truly is a blessing, and I love this idea. I think I will pray and ask God for a blessing idea for my granddaughter who will be 8 in December. This is such a great positive message for a child to focus on as he grows up. Beautifully done, and thanks for sharing. Linda E.

  2. Valerie, this is wonderful! Joseph is indeed blessed to have you. Also, thank you for 'following' my blog. I'm glad to meet you and discover your art. I'm going now to check out more of your work.

  3. This is stunning to me. What a gift to have – to give – to receive! What an incredible blessing and gift you have, and I love how you executed it in this beautiful, sweet art piece for your grandson!

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