Here’s “the rest of the story” in my Exploring Magenta Weekend Journal:
“What is in comes out” right? Sometimes without us knowing it. That happened to me in the last journaling class. My artwork reflected my inward struggle and I didn’t know it until someone (two someones actually) pointed it out. I almost painted gesso over it and started over, and then I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Isn’t that what journaling is about? Getting what’s beneath the surface out, where it can be seen and then healed? So, I left it in and wrote about it in this journal. 
The flowered strip page added in the center of the journal was done with a stencil, and then I added the doodles with a Pitt pen and white gel pen. Then color was added to the last page of the strip shown in the last two images below.

detail of “Beautiful”


  1. They're beautiful! Art is so amazing that way, the things it brings out and makes us stop and pay attention to things we would otherwise not have noticed…

  2. Looks like we both needed to journal our feelings!! Your pages are so incredibly gorgeous, I am always in awe. You think in layers…! Beautiful layers… And thank you for visiting!! Kathy

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