view of journal side pages, detail
Here is another weekend journal. It was begun in the first summer workshop. I call it my “Perseverance Journal” because it started off on the wrong foot with a cover that seemed beyond redemption until I gave the whole thing a coat of matte medium and then applied a juicy wash of color using Phthalo Turquoise, Dairylide Yellow, and Napthol Red Light. Then a torn piece of metallic gold tissue paper was added.I spattered gold paint on top with a toothbrush and it was redeemed. But then I kept cutting swirls in the pages and one tore off the cover. I couldn’t find it, so I glued another piece on, only to find it after the piece had already dried. Ah well, it goes like that sometimes. So I named it accordingly and forged ahead. The great thing about feeling like something is ruined is it makes it easy to throw caution to the wind and take more risks. I did that on this journal, combining numerous painted papers, cutting more shapes than I normally would etc. The short number of journal pages also help with the risk factor. Below is the cover with some of the inside pages showing.
As the journal is opened this below is the first two-page spread with a quote from Ghandi, 
I love that! That’s what I want to be!
The left-hand page, shown below, is done entirely painted papers we painted in class, glued on with matte medium, and then spattering with a bit of paint using a toothbrush.
My husband always says, “HOLD FAST” quoting  from the movie “Master & Commander”. 
I think “DREAM BIG” is a fitting addition and gives hope while holding fast.


  1. It is amazing! I think it's quite spectactular and a wonderful process. I love the "hold fast" the best! {and always I am a dreamer – I don't need that much reminding!!} LOL

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