Lettering, Lettering and more Lettering

This month of February is a lettering month for me. I’m taking an online class, Letter Love 201 with Joanne Sharpe, and enjoying it! I decided to take the class to learn more about using markers and various pens. I like how Joanne approaches teaching and sets up prompts, examples, and inspiration in her “assignments.” Here is my version of one of the first lessons in the class:

I have also joined An A to Z of Me art journal challenge. With all I have going on this month, I can’t do one more full-blown art journal, so I am adapting the A to Z one to what works for me (no surprise there), in a simple type of journal-on-the-go without wet media. I treated myself to a moleskine journal that has grid pages. I’ve always loved to draw on a grid. It goes back to my paste-up days as a graphic artist, just before the computer. That suggests my age, doesn’t it? So I decided I would do the A to Z in my moleskine. What I am learning is that most of the markers bleed through the pages, among other things. On the first few pages I kept wrinkling the pages when I erased pencil lines, but I am determined to learn new things, and working through my mess-ups is part of process. One thing that is so fun: writing letters on the graph paper. Right now, the main thing for me with this project is that it doesn’t fall into the “should” category, but stays fun and keeps me connected with the people participating in it. Below is “A” for Adventure, “C” for Creativity, “D” for Decisions. “B” is missing in this post because I was the guest artist for “B” and my “Believe” painted journal pages were in my last post.  To have a “B” Believe page in my moleskine, I made a few copies of parts of the “Believe” pages from my other journal and pasted them into their own spread in this journal.
A-Adventure – Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com
C- Creativity –  Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com
D – Decisions  Valerie Sjodin© – www.valeriesjodin.com


  1. Very inspiring. I’m an artist too who also loves to write. I even sold quite a few pieces of my work a while back. Creativity had always been my thing no matter the medium but I sadly must confess that these past few years have been creatively dry. To have the desire to draw and the ability but yet be blocked, disconnected from my past creative abilities is the worst. So I’ve been looking at others work to hopefully spark the passion and fuel the4 endless expression I once had. At least it’s good to see other people showing off there stuff. the world is in need of as much art as it can get. Thank you

    • Thank you Jessica, I’m sorry for the delayed response. I was gone without my computer over Thanksgiving week. I don’t know if this would help, but it comes to mind so I’ll put it out there: One time when I was blocked in a number of ways, with a permanent pen (Sharpie) I wrote down all the negative things I felt and thought on a journal page. Then I painted over it with white gesso. When it was dry, I wrote the opposite positive things down on top of gessoed surface. I freely put transparent fluid acrylics on the surface using colors that made me happy. I read the positive messages, declaring them over me, praying and thanking God for them. It helped nudge me onto peace and greater creativity. May you be blessed with freedom to create without self judgment, with great joy!

  2. Your work is just so beautiful!!! You are so gifted. I took Joanne's Letter Love 101 and learned an incredible amount and it has really stretched me. I am currently taking her Color Love 101…I am such a Joanne Sharpe groupie…she is fabulous. I am also doing the A to Z which is helping me try different things and develop my own style. I just love this collective post.

  3. I am simply amazed at your talent when I look at your work…..Love these pages and I love all the color in your first one from your class…..God is surely using your talent in a wonderful way to reach others….

  4. Oh I love these, especially the first.
    May I copy these and use them as an example in my workshop? I will of course give you credit! I teach VJ at my church, would love to show them a different way than mine to journal. I'll also give them your blog address to see more.

  5. Danielle, Thank you. I looks like we're running on the same track these days. I'm glad to be in such good company ;0) Blessings!

  6. Hello,
    I am so pleased I found your site. It's very inspiring and has encouraged me in my own spiritual-artistic path. Thank you so very much.

  7. Sugar, how could I not follow you!! Your artwork fills my soul. And I could not copy you if I tried but I can subscribe!!! lucky for me!

  8. For the lettering in this post and many of my journals, I use Faber-Castell Pitt black pens. I like the fineliner set which has four different widths. I also have used Micron pens and Copic markers.

  9. Beautiful Valerie! You are my biggest inspiration for my art journal. In fact today I introduced your name to my patient, she is an artist. She loves your work.

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