For me, a positive attitude, and increasing faith, often comes down to a sense of wonder and being grateful. When I notice the beauty around me, I can’t help but be thankful. The center of this Fun Journal sums it up. Flowers seem so frivolous. I’m so glad God made them. Maybe appreciating beauty isn’t frivolous after all…. especially if it helps take my focus off my problems and helps me look up to the Creator of all beauty.

Valerie Sjodin©


  1. This is a really joyful page and so beautifully drawn and coloured. Very inspirational and a sentiment I try to weave into my daily life. One of my current pleasures is to visit the garden in the evening to enjoy the scent of honeysuckle. How could you not be amazed by something so lovely. Elaine

  2. Such a happy and beautiful pages. I like how you incorporated the music into the page. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Hi Valerie, I am happy to share your AHA moment like you wrote on your Pinterest page! You make such colourful and beautiful ART! I found you through Glenda Waterworth from Chocolate Baroque and I am happy she gave the link to you! I can understand why she is inspired by you ! Happy to follow you journey on God's path!
    warm greet Miranda

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