I felt like I could’ve kept adding more to this journal, but being a weekend journal size, 
I decided to wrap up the last page with my written response and the image of the world, 
symbolizing huge possibilities.
“O God, You guide my journey and accompany me along the way. 
How blessed are those in whom You live,
whose lives You travel.
They wind through lonesome valleys,
come across brooks, discover refreshing springs,
Your creative Presence revealed. 
I don’t know where this path will lead,
but I choose to set aside the map of my plans
and follow You, God-of-the-Angel-Armies.”

Valerie Sjodin, including parts of Psalm 84:5-6 from The Message.
Valerie Sjodin© www.valeriesjodin.com


  1. I'm so glad I found your blog!! I look forward to each post; they are a visual delight! Love the back page and all those doodled spirals, great movement.

    Shine on!

  2. So lovely, I am enjoying your work! I really believe that Art is a collaboration between God and the artist!warm greet Miranda

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