THE KEY:Keeping it simple and no “shoulds” allowed.

I was determined that it would not feel like “work” or an obligation during or after the trip. One goal of mine was  not to spend more than a day or two working on it once I got home. Another thing that was important to me on this trip since it was a time to rest and reflect is that the journal would include some of the inner journey as well as the visible journey.

On these pages  directly below, I listed the things we did that day, copying them from my little graph paper journal I carry with me while out and about. Then I added some drawings from the photos I took and the actual photos with description on the following pages. Drawing a casual line around the photos helped tie the photos in with the doodles and text.

The “when” of journaling while traveling is always the most challenging part for me as I travel with others. This was a trip of relaxation and no agendas so it was pretty easy to add things to the travel journal. It’s also a matter of coordinating with traveling companions. I have some limitations with my feet, and Keith is super adventurous and athletic. He loves to explore. So while he went on a 12-mile bike ride, I did the title pages of the journal and started assembling some ages from brochures etc. I kept a little graph paper journal with me when we went places to record what we did that day, and then translated that into the art journal every other day or so as I had time. It was fun reflecting on the day.

Keith coded, cut out and glued the map he was given at the bike shop on the page. Then he wrote around the edges. I had brought a couple rolls of tape and found a bicycle on one, so I added that and the title. He is our scout 🙂 It’s really fun to include those you go with in the journal making process. It becomes a treasured memory with everyone making their mark.

Here is the conclusion, or result of the travel journaling, showing two completely different views of the journal. The one, with the elastic band holding the thick pages in the not-quite-big-enough binding and the unfolded standing version. I think if I were to do it over, I would not use such thick photo paper to print on. The photos turned out great, but the book is a bit too bunchy for my taste.

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  1. I find it beautiful, even if it doesnt closed that good afterwards. I will think about buying one when I go on my next trip. Thanks for showing it 🙂

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