Lettering & Doodling HOPE is the heart of the Hope Journal. It is a journaling journey that shares the inspiration of the content as well as the step-by-step processes of doodling and lettering pages, designing layout with quotes in mind, using meaningful text, drawing & painting illuminating letters, creatively using your own handwriting, doodling and painting a frame border, how to make a found image your own style and more! I share many of my secrets of art journaling. This class has over 30 videos, and is full of helpful, doodling and lettering tips.

The doodles in this image are part of the how-to demonstrations in the class.

Doodling the butterfly and painted letters demonstrated in this class.

You are invited to join me in 


  1. I love when it flows like that. Thank you for sharing Rita! Your blogpost is lovely! Many more spiritual blessings!

  2. I asked about lettering tips in my other comment, before I saw this post. I'm clicking the link asap, I can't wait to see your classes!

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