First, in my calendar, Documented Life Journal, I have my month of May ready to go. Each month’s calendar looks a bit different. I try and make it feel what I think the month may feel like. This one reflects my upcoming adventure…

With all the busyness this season, I still seem to find time to wind down with doodling… starting another mini-journal in a little paperback grid Moleskine journal. It’s perfect for traveling.

Preparing for my trip, I check out travel books from the library and look up patterns and historic ornament relevant to the trip. In the evenings, as I am winding down from my day, I peruse travel and ornament books, anticipating the landscape and architecture I will soon be seeing. It makes me think of the people I will encounter there. Enthusiasm is building! I find doodling this way is also a great way to expand my personal style and vision as I respond with a pen on grid paper. Here are a few pages in my new little doodle travel journal:

Oh the Beauty, Wonder & Mystery!


  1. Love your tabs! They are so you. Would love to see more – are they glued/stapled, whole circles, both sides of paper, etc.

  2. The tabs are glued in. I doodled whole circles and the other sides of them have the abbreviated months on them.

  3. How thick is the grid moleskine paper? What kind of pens/colored pencils do you use so they don't bleed through? Your work has inspired me and god has used it to add freshness in my relationship with Him 🙂 Thanx!

  4. Valerie, I am so inspired by your travel journal! I always study for a trip too, but you have given me some new insight as to researching ornamentation and design for our books! Thank you for sharing and would love to see more of those little tabs close up-sounds like something I would like to try.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  5. Paper is just the usual moleskine grid thickness. Test your pens first. I use Pitt pens mostly but also microns. I use prismacolor pens but others should work too

  6. Dear Valerie,
    Thanks for your recent stopover at my blog. Your journals are truly truly amazing & I love peeking in to see what you're doing. So alive! Thank you, Rita

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