1. What beautiful doodles, Valerie – real works of art. I couldn't do these if I was tracing them!! Hugs, Chris x

  2. I really like these. I also read about your friend, I have a brain tumor, that causes a seizure disorder. I use this as a way to mediate, so to speak. I have found inspiration in your website. Where do you get the moleskin grid books? & are they expensive? I would love to try one.

  3. Mary, as I am reading your comment, I am praying for relief of your seizures and the dissolving of the tumor.

    Thank you for letting me know you have found inspiration here. These small moleskine journals were bought at a local art/book store. They are available at most art and gift stores, or online at Blick or Amazon. The paper back ones are not expensive, come in a package of three and a number of sizes. The hardback journals are more expensive, but quite sturdy. Fabriano also has a grid journal about 8" x 5" spiral that is around $5.

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