One evening we went with Meredith’s art group to paint in the park. What a lovely group!
In Granada, I painted a little whimsical view of Fredrico Garcia Lorca’s home from La Parque on location as we chatted and laughed and painted. 
Below is a photo I took while sitting there painting:

It was good to get out of the city a bit. We headed down to a lovely shore, Nerja. Stayed one night Nerja, in Hostal Miguel, a lovely little place with a good breakfast in the middle of the town run by hospitable and helpful English hosts, Ian and Jane. I would definitely stay there again. It was clean and a great bargain. 
It was quite windy at Nerja, especially the first day. Here is a little sketch of the magnificent view.
The photo is taken from the the “Balcon de Europa”, the balcony of Europe. 
In the 1800’s there was a devastating earthquake on the site where this photo was taken from. A castle was destroyed. When El Rey Alfonso XII saw the view, he said it must be made public as the balcony of Europe.
Here is a statue of him. I like how he is at the rail, willing to mingle with the common folk 🙂
We had a wonderful time at the beach. Nerja makes it easy to enjoy the beach with bathrooms close by, beach lounge chair rentals for 3,25 Euro for as long as you stay for the day, and the best Paella at Ayo. Here are a few photos…

View from my lounge chair. I’m going to remember this!
Making Paella at Ayo’s – the best meal I had in Spain!
Ellen doing one of her favorite things….
A Visual remembrance of my time in Spain


  1. Maravilloso trabajo!!! Me encanta su diario de Arte!! ¿Te animas a venir a Barcelona? Tendrás unas vistas extraordinarias de los bellísimos edificios de Gaudí. Sería extraordinario ver tu interpretación en tu precioso libro.. Besos.

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