After visiting the Alhambra, I am walking away with many photos of visual reference of patterns, archways and vistas. I realize my choices of photographs reflect where I am at in life. The doorways represent transitions, the patterns focus on connections that work together, and the vistas are about seeing the big picture, life in context.

Here is my interpretation of a small part of the vista seen from the Alhambra. Following is a photo reference I used to paint from:

Here is a panoramic view of the city:
Here we are enjoying the view!
I could probably fill up a whole book on doodles inspired by patterns found at the Alhambra. Here is just a beginning…
Below is a small example of the amazing plaster work that is the signature work of the Alhambra craftsmen!


  1. Oh, my, so beautiful & this journal is different from others you've shown…Still spiritual, always Spirit, I just love that…I'm so happy for you that you are traveling! I do love your "cityscape."

  2. You are so kind. Rita you are my hero when it comes to capturing the spirit of the moment in your painted sketches. Thank you

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