On one hand, it is easy for me to share why I Bible Art Journal, because I’ve experienced the benefits including: praying and asking God to speak to me through Scripture, intentionally looking at the meaning of the passage, drawing imagery out of the meaning of the text, taking the time to blend creative art making and meditation…

On the other hand, I want to add a disclaimer. Sometimes I am intentional about not doing Bible Art Journaling. I choose not to Bible Art Journal when: making the artwork distracts me from my relationship with God, I feel pressured to “do” it more than to “be” with God, I find myself comparing in any way with someone else, and I simply don’t have time because sometimes “life” happens and gets messy.

Psalm 25 finished Bible Art Journaling Page

The important thing for me is not to fall into the performance and perfectionism trap. It just makes me feel bad about myself. In the above photo, the green splotch on the left reminds me not to strive to be perfect, but work toward excellence. When I am ready to put pen and paint to that green splotch part of my Art Journaling Bible, I will know. For now, I must still need the reminder 🙂

Psalm 25 ready for paint, with the word study to the right. 

Psalm 25, painted with word study. I used https://www.biblegateway.com/ and https://www.blueletterbible.org/search.cfm for my word study.

What pulls me back into Bible Art Journaling is simple: The love of God. When I don’t do it for awhile, I miss spending time with Him in that way, doing art together, praying, focusing on what God is saying to me through the Bible. Bible Art Journaling usually sets an atmosphere of peace and flow of the Spirit for me. It is one way I listen to God, respond, play like a child, feel inspired, and dig deeper into meaning. Bible Art Journaling is a tangible way where in the physical realm, words, pages, pen, pencils and paint can reflect the spiritual life and relationship.

My prayer written into the Bible Journaling, based on the Scripture text

It seems so amazing to me that the Scripture I spend time with becomes more relevant as my daily life unfolds. Asking God to show me His ways and His path are critical right now. I need wisdom. In the past few weeks I have felt overwhelmed, even dropped the ball on a few things etc. I am humbly coming into His presence asking for what He has promised in Psalm 25, to instruct and show me like the flow of water, like the shooting of an arrow to the mark. I am grateful He loves me that much.

If I were to give any advice about doing Bible Art Journaling, I would say, ask God, then take the time to listen. Take the pressure off yourself to make it look like anyone else’s. Try to let go of expectations, focusing on the relationship and process rather than the product or someone else’s agenda. If ideas and imagery start to come to mind, then act on those, and enjoy the creative flow with God who loves you!


  1. I'm so happy to see you have returned. I have been missing your blog posts. This one today is especially meaningful to me. I will read it again and again! Thank you for your beautiful words and imagery!

  2. you are absolutely correct and this resonates with me! I love to faithart journal and if I do it for the right reasons, then I am at peace. When I don't spend the time with God, I find that I am off and not at peace. So I try to find the right combination of spending time with Him studying the scriptures and what He is saying to me with creating faithart. Love your work and your heart!

  3. Valerie, you continue to bless me with your posts and Bible journaling. I have not ventured into Bible journaling as of yet although I have a strong pull in that direction. However, my art journaling stems from my Bible studying, so it kind of goes hand in hand. I can most certainly apply your thoughts to my own journaling and it ministers to my spirit as well. All of those reasons that you would "choose not to Bible journal" speaks to my own obedience to His Word. When I ever slip over into those areas, I have to back up and reflect on what or whom am I doing it for. For me, it's all about His glory. If He's not getting it through what I am doing, then I definitely have to push back from the table. We all find ourselves in what I call "gray places" from time to time, but I believe the Father knows our heart and I am so thankful for His grace, mercy and response to a repentive heart! Thank you so much for always sharing your heart towards the Father with us! Blessings

  4. Being fully aware of what to do and what not to do, when to do and when not to do and acting according to that awareness, identifying and dealing with the distractions ….. Are they not the landmarks to reach God on the spiritual path irrespective of the religion. This post once again proves how close you are with the Father.
    Enlightening post Valerie. Thanks for speaking out your heart and transparently sharing your spiritual journey.This truly reflects what was going on in my heart and my journey too, but with more clarity.


  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I feel like that also but the more art that flows, the more scripture enters my heart. I love your artwork!

  6. Thank you for sharing your gift!
    I have been drawing and hand lettering some for a dear friend for the last several months. What brand/type of Bible do you journal in? What type of paints do you use?

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