What to do when you don't like a journal page?

In the past I wanted all my journal pages to be just right, without mistakes, but found that way of thinking limited my risk-taking in art-making. This tendency toward perfectionism put pressure on me when I should’ve had freedom. So much of the art making process is about a mindset, a way of thinking, about having fun.

Thankfully I grew out of that way of thinking into “You can always gesso (put a paint base) over it.” That is true. Some of my most messed up pages have been painted over with white gesso. The work slightly shows through which adds to the history and mystery of the page, offering an interesting base to build on. Many of those page have become my favorites. You can also glue a painted paper or other sheet on top of the unwanted page, or use the page as a base for collage and mixed media. All that is needed is to let go of what you thought it should/would look like and be open to a different kind of new beginning.

One great thing about ruining an art journal page is it gives you the permission to experiment without the fear of ruining it. “Been there, done that.” If it’s already been ruined, there is true freedom to mess it up. Some of my most freeing and fun times art journaling have been that. I’ve even patched holes in pages, like in the Shalom page above.

I’m much more forgiving of mistakes on pages in my everyday journal, but I do like the calendar pages to look attractive. After all, I have to look at it for a whole month. Honestly, I’ve messed up my calendar dates and days at least a half a dozen times. A white paint pen has saved the day more than once. A strip of Washi tape has covered up misplaced lines and words. A piece of painted paper or doodles have been strategically placed where I wouldn’t have planned, etc. It all seems to work out.

Another option for a journal page that does not measure up to expectations is to simply accept it for what it is. That’s what I did this month for the above calendar page in my Everyday journal. I apologize to all of you pink loving friends who may actually like this page, but each time I look at it, I see “Ick!” I chose the pink and purple because as I looked at this year’s events, I saw I am moving further away from my comfort zone and I chose the colors pink and purple together represent that “un-comfort zone.” That goal was achieved. A friend of mine who feels the same way about pink as I do, said, “I can’t believe you’re going to look at that for a whole month.” Drama queens 🙂

I suppose I could add orange, or green or change something in the calendar page, but I’m not going to. The beauty of journal pages is that they can be turned, closed. After all, it is just a few pages in a journal.

The biggest lesson for me in overcoming what I perceive as a failed page is to continue to make more pages. In making more pages, learning how to work with the materials increases, creativity expands, and the importance of the failed page diminishes as more pages are created. This is because with more art journal pages done, the failed ones become less and less of a percentage of the whole.

My advice is if making journal pages is something you love doing and you’ve messed up, make more pages. Risk. Have fun!

The more we create the more creative we become. It is a gift that keeps on giving….

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