Aging Gracefully & Artfully

… or at least trying to. I knew it would happen one day, I just didn’t know when. Recently, someone who had met me in person after connected with me online said I didn’t look like my profile picture. Sigh. That photo was taken five years ago.

There are things I love about aging. I’m learning a lot all the time: becoming more grace-giving, forgiving myself and others, holding things more loosely, and letting go easier, trusting God – His love for me and others. There is a new sense of freedom, comfort and courage in knowing who I am and what I am meant to do in this life.

When I was quite young, I remember looking at photos of older people and wondered if being older happened just a teensy little bit at a time so you don’t notice, or one day you wake up, look in the mirror and think a name tag would be helpful. I admit, I am in my late 50’s, look older, have gained a few pounds, and let my hair go gray last year in hopes of growing old gracefully.

So here it is, no drum roll, the new-older me in a photo that will likely find its way to update my profile pictures.

My Color of the Year from Head to Toe

With my hair being so white/gray it seems like a nice blank canvas for some symbolic color. The color indigo represents my word of the year: Mystery. For me, mystery has its source in the nature of God. It is beyond what I understand, yet beckons me to seek and discover what God has for me. The unknown is hidden and dark, so black is a part of my color this year. The other color, more dominant is deep blue representing the presence of God, specifically the Holy Spirit. Together, the colors make indigo, the darkest color in the rainbow.

In the photo below, you can see more of the color was added.  Here it is a few days after my friend and hair stylist Amy Larimore cut and colored my hair. It looks a bit more purple than a true indigo, but it will fade nicely.

Why stop with the hair? I decided to treat myself to my color of the year in nail polish. Yet another reminder that when I walk into the unknown, I do not go alone. God is with me.

It seems a bit funny or even silly that these “fashion statements” would reflect spiritual meaning, but since “Art reflects life” why not have a bit of fun, and BE a bit more fun?

One thing I am grateful for, at any age, is a sense of wonder. I feel blessed to have a sense of wonderment like a child, becoming absolutely fascinated with the littlest thing. Being around children and having children help with that. Our grand daughter is our resident wonder fairy, always inviting us to see the world as if for the first time in all its beauty.

You may notice the turquoise color in my hair in this photo. It was taken last year as I was allowing my hair to become a canvas of light gray (or platinum 🙂 )

All this thinking about aging, artful living, and family makes me miss my grandmother who has had the greatest influence on me. Here she is with my dear grandfather and their great-grandchildren.

Here’s what my Grandmother said about aging,

“I never shy away from telling people my age when they ask.
If I weren’t this old I’d be dead.
Life is good.”

Let’s live life to the fullest, and laugh along the way!

I never want to stop growing, and finding new ways to express the creativity God has given. There are just a few spots available for the 2 1/2 day art journaling workshop June 22-24th. I’ve been teaching art journaling workshops for over 10 years and still enjoy the creative camaraderie shared during each class. Here’s a photo of last year’s Art Journaling workshop participants – having FUN!

Cheers to you and the beautiful future! Life is good!

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  1. A great post. You look beautiful whatever colour your hair is! I think I want to age disgracefully since gracefully seems to be beyond me!

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