Be Inspired through Prayerful Doodling

Activate your God-given creativity while doodling, coloring, and Bible journaling in ways that deepen your relationship with God and give you the opportunity to grow your artistic skill. This book encourages conversations with God by engaging the imagination through visual examples and easy-to-follow techniques for experiencing the creative process as a way to listen and respond to God.

The visual prayer techniques shared in Prayerful Doodling are some of the processes that have integrated my creativity and spirituality. Spiritually they have helped me pray, listen to God more, work through problems and emotions, gain insight, and even receive answers. Creatively these simple activities have helped me develop a visual language of personal symbols, new ideas, growing in visual expression and sharing meaningful imagery to bless others. Here are some photos of the inside of the book:

In Prayerful Doodling, visual prayer processes are simple and adaptable to themes and any skill level. Many of the activities can be done directly in the book and/or in a journal. The book can be gone through in order presented or an activity chosen as desired. It can be helpful to an individual working on their own, but individuals could also work in their books and share with a group for meaningful discussion and prayer.

Prayerful Doodling provides a starting point for developing personal symbols with workbook space to experiment and step-by-step borders to draw. Sprinkled throughout the book are samples from participants in the Prayerful Doodling Workshop who have generously allowed me to share some of their visual prayers in the book.

For decades, symbolism is something I have been passionate about learning and expressing through visual art. The circle is a symbol of wholeness in nearly every culture. It provides a shape to begin a visual prayer with Christ as our center. The possibilities are vast and Prayerful Doodling explores a variety of visual prayer processes using circles as a starting point.

An introduction to the symbolism of shapes and color is provided, and experimenting with doodling personal symbols using shape and color is encouraged.

Bible Journaling has been another way to connect with God and collaborate using creativity. Included in Prayerful Doodling is a step-by-step method for digging deeper into a word study in Scripture, and making an art journal page. Four Bible Margin inserts are included that can be colored, cut and glued into the Bible margins.

For more information and ordering Prayerful Doodling:

Here is a list of inspirational prompts and pages included in Prayerful Doodling:
  • Warming up with doodling to music and scribbling
  • Expressing emotions through line and color
  • Developing personal symbols and symbolism of color, shapes, and Christian symbols
  • Visual Ignatian prayer
  • Variety of step by step circle prayer processes
  • 10 pages of Bible journaling and 4 Bible margin inserts
  • Step by step building of doodles and borders
  • 9 coloring pages

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  1. When I read your blog post about the new book, I ran to Amazon to order and it was here in two days! Oh my, what a beauty it is and I am honored to own a copy. So much instruction and all of it clear and easy-to-understand. You have done us all a favor by sharing so much with us. I am going to make a journal for our new great-granddaughter with a leather cover and wonderful paper inside. There is so much help in your book-the timing is perfect!
    You mentioned the fish as a symbol and then I began to notice the fish shape where you joined circles together-I could see that shape…I first noticed it on page84 on the lower left corner-the black and white stripes.
    Tonight I relaxed and read the whole book, front to back!
    I just love it!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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