The Mystery of Freedom
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This page has been interesting to work on. Freedom was my word of the year last year, so I had already done a word study etc. But it looks different this year. Last year I focused on the freedom to choose and be my true self. Last year’s journey was one of letting go, trusting God and embracing the mystery of not knowing and understanding. It didn’t feel free. It felt like dying to myself: relinquishing  my desires, agenda, and especially my expectations, blowing away like dandelion seeds in the wind.

The mystery and paradox of Freedom is that in letting go, in forgiving, and in surrender to God, I find myself with the freedom to be truly me. I am not saying I have “arrived” yet, but know I’m much closer to who God made me to be, more confident in my purpose and more free.

These two pages include the information from last year’s view of Freedom, and also this year’s. Excitement is building for what God has in store for us!

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Blessing of Freedom to the True and Beautiful You!

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  1. The more we learn, the more knowledge we yearn. I remember a comedian talking about specialist doctors saying they are learning more and more less and less that soon they will know everything about nothing. The opposite seems to happen when we study his word – the more we learn, the more we realize what we don’t know. Being free to learn, truly involves mystery.

    • Totally agree, I’ve known and wrote in diaries on and off 4 yrs,I suffer with PTSD so some diaries can have 20 pages written on the same day about my anger, feeling having a sad an bad childhood has left me with. Im a broken person so I’m always trying to help and do things for others.
      Now at 52 I live alone, well with my heart beat poppy my bicjon, I finally realised I need to heal after moving back with my parents for a yr wasn’t the best move it catapulted me back to what happens in the house with my step dad who is still there.
      I thought my mental illness was all consuming so heavenly father intervened gave me breathing problems, to teach me the difference, I know I struggling with health issues but god is beside me nudging me teaching me what route to go down to heal the breathing issues, now he is guiding me thru my various craft things, upcycling, and now to yur blog, I’ve been looking at the art work of different ppls journals, yurs jumped straight out,I read the freedom section word of the year,I wasn’t sure where to start,still not a 100% sure but from yur blog I got inspirations

      • Thank you for writing Janice. I’m praying Jesus, the great healer will touch you in a special healing way. I’m glad you are finding creativity is part of the process. I am so thankful God has met me with healing and creative expression too.

    • I drew inspiration from yur blog, it showed me I didn’t need to just write words,I shud use colour,pictures,textures to express my feelings that day, week or month.
      Thought I’d reply with an essay/novel a little light reading for
      Again thank you for yur inspiration, I will post a picture, wen I’ve finished my first month. Good or bad yur getting a picture.
      Thank you and may u be blessed with great things.x Janis and poppy.x

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