I Can't Believe It's a Stencil!
Making Nesting Doll Cards

I’ve always been drawn to the playfulness and layers of people and their stories represented by nesting dolls. Being of mostly eastern European descent, I have a little collection of them, and find myself looking for them when we travel. They remind me of the layers of ourselves as people, and how we are incomplete without relationship with one another. They remind me to be thankful and make me smile. Every Christmas I get out all the nesting dolls, with their layers, and they have a party on the piano or mantle.

My daughter asked me one day, would you make a nesting doll stencil? I want to make some cards and art and it would be so much easier if I had a stencil. So I did…

“I can’t believe it’s a stencil!” There is so many uses and possibilities in this one stencil it’s amazing. Use it alone or mix it up and personalize it with other stencils you love. It can be used to make cards, tags, ATC Cards, art journal pages and more. Watch the video to learn how to layer the stencil so it doesn’t even look like a stencil.

So Many Possibilities!

The stencil could be used to make an accordion card or journal.

Add to journal page – shown here as stencil only on plain paper without any embellishment.

Make cards, layering stencils and personalizing for the happy recipient…

Notice the crowns and how much they add to the nesting dolls

Who doesn’t like crowns?

This small crowns stencil is packed full of crown designs with various sizes to fit all sorts of applications for card making, art journaling, adding whimsy to photos etc. 

Main Stencils Used in this Post

StencilGirl® Products Nesting Doll Stencil L694 9×12″

Stencil Girl® Products
Doll Crowns

StencilGirl® Products
Spirit Swirl 6″
Stencil s578

StencilGirl® Products  by Jessica Sporn          6 Point Starry Night L125 9×12″

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