Discovering the Color of Light

Living out a Word of the year is already bringing revelation that is encouraging me to grow and live a more integrated life. I am very excited about discovering more about light, color, shape and meaningful symbolism. The following is now in my 2019 Word of the Year journal, but also in the “A-Z of Mystery” journal, the “L” pages on the mystery of Light.

Why this is so exciting for me is this: Seeing color and light in the hexagram like this helps me understand God and the spirit realm, and the connection with humanity and the natural realm, both for me personally and for the world.

The Holy Trinity is often symbolized by a triangle with each Person of the Trinity represented by a corner of the shape. The same could be said for humanity with the body, soul, and spirit. Light is something that is not tangible, and yet we see and experience it, so much that we need it to have life.

The visible spectrum of light is what is able to be seen by the human eye. The electromagnetic spectrum is the entire range of natural light wavelengths which include radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, x-ray, and gamma rays. Colors in rainbows reveal the visible light spectrum in wavelengths of about 400-700. Visible light is only about 1.5% of the entire natural light spectrum, which our eyes and brains receive in wavelengths.

There is truly some fascinating information and ideas about light on the website Type in Light in the website search box to see a number of articles that tell about light, color, God, and humanity from a Messianic perspective.

One thing I learned from the site is that the Hebrew word for light (read from right to left) is aleph, vav, resh. Aleph is the first letyter in the Hebrew alphabet, and is often associated with God, who is the origin of all things. The second letter of light is a vav. It is shaped like a hook. It means to connect. The third letter, resh makes an “r” sound and means “a man’s head/” The word for skin is similar to the word for light, and sounds exactly like light: “ohr.” Only the first letter in the word skin is different. It is “ahyin” and means “eye.” Both the aleph and the ahyin are silent letters. The word light connects the head to God. In the word skin, the head is connected to the eye (ahyin) what we see in the natural world.

Primary Colors of Light and Pigment

White light contains the full spectrum of visible light. The primary colors of light are blue, green, and red. Added together they make white light, containing all the colors in the visible spectrum. Light has additive primary colors.

The primary colors of pigment, ink and paint, are magenta, yellow and cyan. When mixed together they make black. Pigment has subtractive primary colors.

The secondary colors of light are the primary colors of pigment.

Here is a video that explains the color of light and the color of pigment very well:

The primary colors of pigment are the secondary colors of light. If you mix two of the primary colors of light together, it will result in a primary color of pigment. For example, if you mix red and green light together, you get yellow, a primary color of pigment.

Colors of light arranged in a hexagram hold meaningful symbolism for me. The natural realm reflects the spiritual realm. The Holy Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit can be represented by white light triangle and its primary colors of green, blue, and red together.

“God is light and there is no darkness in him at all.”
1 John 1:5

Humanity can be represented by the other triangle of primary colors of pigment: magenta, cyan, and yellow; soul, spirit, and body.

The hexagram, with the two triangles together are an illustration of how we are complete in Christ, the Light of the World. It begins with God, the Origin of all things. We are made in the image of God and called to be light like He is light. But we are not complete on our own in the natural realm. In order to see we need light! We must have at the core of our being the divine connection with the Light of the World.

Much of Light remains a scientific mystery. It has no physical substance, but is real and observable. God describes himself as Light. He is spirit and His Word and works are observable. Light is what holds the world together.

“Yahweh, the Great I AM WHO I AM, origin of all –
You are my Light & my salvation.
In Your Light we see light.”

The Mystery of Light

I’m amazed at the multiple facets of light to study. It is reaching into my life, both natural and physical. I notice it all the time now. It also has made its way into my art and journaling… It’s going to be quite a year of light and revelation.

“The closer we get to being who we are meant to be…

the brighter we shine.”

“I am the light that has come into the world so that everyone

who believes in me will not live in the dark.”

Yeshua, Jesus (John 12:46)

“See the light of Christ in others constantly,
and help them see it in themselves.”

Mark Bragg

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  1. Valerie,
    Thank you for sharing this website. It was an excellent resource into discovering the color study of light. I also enjoyed looking over your Living the Word of the Year journals. I appreciate your sharing your faith and your talent with us.
    In Him,

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