NEW Stones & Pebbles Tilings Stencils
& How-To Journal Page Video

It is with pleasure I introduce to you the new Stones & Pebbles Tiling Stencils. They are full of possibility!

Stones & Pebbles Tilings Stencil by StencilGirl® Products L706

They are full of possibility! Here is the stencil simply sprayed with acrylic paint spray, three colors: Paynes Gray, Raw Umber and Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. Each spray has paint and water mixed. The left page is just the stencil sprayed. The right side was done by flipping the stencil over, paint side down on the page while paint was still wet on the stencil. Then I put a paper towel on top of the stencil and pressed it on the paper.

The second photo below is the same page nearly done with doodling and lettering done with Micron pens and a white Posca pen.

Same page with doodling and lettering:

Now for the How-To Make the Journal Pages Video!

The How-To video shows the step by step process after a brief flip through of my Stones & Pebbles pages. It’s amazing how quickly and easily a journal page can come together…

The 6×6″ Stones Tilings (S677) stencil can be used alone, with the Stones & Pebbles 9×12″ stencil (L706) or with other stencils that have small patterns, such as the ones shown below: 6×6″ Scalloped Border Small Mask (used with gold and black stones in journal page) and the 6×6″ Spirit Swirl Mask (used with gelli plate.)

I hope you enjoyed the video and are inspired. Here is another stencil released with the Stones & Pebbles.

Water Ripples Stencil by StencilGirl Products® (L705)

This stencil gives dreamy movement to a background or can be layered on top of the Stones & Pebbles and other stencils for a watery base.

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