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How to Paint Birds, Eggs, Feathers & Nests

Step-by-step acrylic painting techniques and symbolism
to inspire personal meaning & art-making

There is something special about birds – full of wonder, flight, freedom… An egg is a symbol of hope and possibility. Feathers speak of spirituality, and nests of the nurturing comfort of home. There is also something special about being able to paint these as symbols of our personal story.

Do you want to improve your painting skill while celebrating the wonder of birds? In this course you can! There are 7 step-by-step video lessons with bird themes of eggs, birds, feathers, and nests. Have fun and learn how to paint realistically and expressively with acrylics on a variety of surfaces and backgrounds: watercolor sheet/journal, wood board or canvas, sheet music (thin paper.)

Here is what the course includes:

Welcome and Intro
What about color, paint and brushes?
Preparing to paint & making an accordion journal

Drawing & Painting Eggs
Symbolism of the egg & drawing the egg
Painting eggs

Sketching & Painting Feathers
Symbolism of feathers
Painting feathers

Sketching & Painting a Bird
Symbolism of birds & where to find photo reference
Painting the bird with acrylics

Sketching & Painting a Nest with Eggs
Symbolism of the nest
Painting the nest
Lettering title of the accordion journal

Painting a personalized nest on canvas
Personalizing & painting your nest to reflect your season in life

Painting a hummingbird
Painting a hummingbird & personalizing your painting with flower photo

Painting a Songbird on Music Sheet Background
Preparing sheet music to paint on
Painting sparrows onto music

2 ways of adhering paper paintings to wood cradle boards for finished artwork ready to hang.

Special Features!

  • 3 audio bird stories and inspirational quotes and Scripture
  • Where to find photo reference of birds to paint from
  • Inspiration for making art personally meaningful
  • 8 Downloadable PDFs:
    — Photo reference of the projects in the course (except an egg)
    — Eggs template
    — Sheet music for background
  • Group interaction within course with ability to upload photos of your Bird themed art and comments

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