2019 calendar pages in my everyday journal

For years I’ve made monthly calendar pages in a blank (dot or grid) journal. I really like using a blank journal with dots (or grid). It starts pristine, absolutely full of possibility. When I make my own calendars as I go, there aren’t any unfinished blank pages inviting shame for not filling them. These journals are my anything goes journals. No rules. The mistakes don’t matter. It’s where I can pour out with whatever comes. This journal is my top inspiration item. I’m a bit sad to see this year’s journal go on the shelf, and at the same time looking forward to new calendar pages, a new word to focus on, new pages to create etc.

Completed Calendar Pages

For this journal I designed and used the Mid-Centiury Modern Banner stencil by StencilGirl Products®. The stencil and Washi tape made making the calendar pages and my other theme pages so fun and so much faster. I’ve used the stencil for cards and small paintings too. I had a lot of Mid-Century Modern fun.

Here’s the videos showing how I made the January calendar page with the Mid-Century Modern stencil.

Let’s Stencil!

Word of the Year Posts ~ 2019

Art Supplies Used in This Post

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