Pages to include in a
Word of the Year bullet Journal

Here is a walk through of my Word of the Year bullet journal set-up for 2020. I also compare it to 2019’s journal set-up. I hope you are inspired to set up your own journal. It’s so nice to set up the monthly calendar as I go in the journal. That way there aren’t any blank pages in between entries. 

List of Pages I include in my
Word of the Year bullet journal

To begin, I designate pages by putting the name of the page lightly in pencil. Sticky notes could also be used. This gives me a chance to plan without commitment to the page.

I’m using a Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 dotted hardcover notebook. The outside size is 5.75” x 8.25”, 250 numbered pages and two pages to record index/content. It comes with 2 attached ribbon bookmarks.

For info on the supplies I use in my journals visit this blog post with a video and list and links:

Of course the journal can be totally personalized with your own pages reflecting your own interests. Here is what I’m including this year:

  • Inside cover – Word + name & info
  • List of Contents with page numbers
  • Themes
  • Year at a Glance
  • Table of Contents or Monthly highlights or goals
  • Word of the Year Definitions & personalized text
  • Word of the Year Scriptures
  • Word of the Year Quotes/Affirmations
  • My personal exploration focus for the year 
  • Books read
  • Movies, Media TV Music
  • Family Birthdays
  • Interests & Ideas
  • Stencils/Projects/Goals
  • Monthly Calendars
  • Anything Else that is important 

What if there are special pages I want to add later,
or wish I would've added?

This almost always happens to me. What I do when I want to add a page and wish it was at the beginning is: put Washi tape on the edges of the page or both facing pages if it takes up two pages. Then I note the page number and list it in the Contents pages. If I really wanted to revisit it, I could make a tab.

New Celtic Stencils Released January 2, 2020

The Celtic stencils I’ve used in this year’s journal are released on January 2, 2020. Here is a link to the stencils used in these journals:

Happy New Year!

Living Your Word 2020 Opportunity!

Bernice Hopper, and Mary Brack, and I share insights through blog posts for creatively living a word of the year. In our Facebook group, we encourage one another by posting questions and prompts to inspire living out a word focus, keeping a journal etc. It is a safe place to ask for prayer and support. If you would like to connect with others in creative ways about living your word, you can ask to join our Living Your Word of the Year 2020 by clicking on the link below.

URL for Facebook group:

URLs for Instagram:  #livingyourword2020




Valerie: (this one :-))

Stencils Used in This Post

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Mid-Century Modern Banners
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StencilGirl® S510
Bible Journaling Christian Symbols 1
by Valerie Sjodin

Christian Symbols 2 StencilGirl® S511

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