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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2020

Learn to draw Celtic knots and designs in easy step-by-step ways and personally connect with the meaning of the hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision.’ In this course we go deep into the meaning of each phrase, how to apply what we learn to our lives, and visually illuminate the symbolism and words through Celtic design and illuminated lettering. Watch the video below to find out more.

Keys to Drawing Celtic Knots & Illumination

Easy ways to draw Celtic knots, designs & lettering
on a spiritual journey through the Celtic Christian hymn
‘Be Thou My Vision’

Many Celtic knots have no beginning and no end. The Christian influence in the Celtic culture redeemed the Celtic knot from the futility of the endless cycle of life to death, transforming it into the hopeful symbolism of life, death and resurrection. 

As you draw the Celtic knots in these lessons, you can meditate on the hope we have of everlasting life knowing the God of the cosmos chooses to intertwine Himself with you personally.

In this course, there are 20 illuminated page lessons, one lesson for each phrase in the hymn, which has five verses/stanzas.  The knots chosen in each lesson are ones are chosen to relate to the meaning of the words in the hymn. The individual lessons all have detailed video instructions and a PDF layout of the illuminated page, as well as 20 companion video and PDF devotionals with heart-full questions and prompts at the end of each lesson included.

What you receive in the course

$220 value ~ now $120 for limited time!

  • Welcome & supply video to help you get started, including drawing the basic knot and beginning Celtic lettering videos
  • 20 video lessons with multiple videos showing start-to-finish how to create 20 illuminated pages for each phrase of the hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision’ in dry media (pencil, pens, colored pencils, with suggested but optional Gelatos®)
  • 20 downloadable PDF page layouts of the illuminated pages. Some contain additional PDFs with visual/written instructions. 
  • 20 video devotionals, around 10 minutes each, to go along with the phrase of the week.
  • 20 downloadable devotional PDFs with Scripture, “Heart-full” questions and spiritual exercises to inspire you to grow deeper in your walk with God
  • Opportunities for us to interact with one another, both written and through imagery in the comments section of each lesson
  • Helpful references, resources, and recommended reading lists & links
  • + Bonus lesson

How the course works and timeline

The course starts now with the Welcome and information available at time of purchase. It is a journey I am excited to walk together. The lessons are planned for 1 per week, but you will receive two lessons at a time in order to give you the greatest flexibility of when you do the lessons. This is a 20 week course, and after that you will have lifetime access to the entire course. The first two lessons will be published on Friday, March 27, 2020. After that two lessons will be published every other Friday and you will receive a reminder email with a link to our class. Course enrollment ends March 22, 2020. 



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Living Your Word 2020 Opportunity

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