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Links to supplies used in video:

I hope you enjoyed the video and found it helpful. Here are the links to the products I referred to in the video above. If you are excited to discover more about Bible journaling and connect with like-hearted creative people, please click on the link to register for Bible Journaling with Stencils & more online workshop.


Bible Journaling with Stencils & More! will help you take your Bible journaling to the next level, using stencils designed by Valerie, produced by StencilGirl® Products ( In this course, each Bible journaling lesson includes HD video showing detailed step-by-step processes of Bible journaling. The lessons range from simple, journaling with dry media in the margin, to more complex mixed media. This class is more than learning art techniques. Scripture is woven in throughout the class. There is a lesson on how to do a word study, which is often the basis for developing meaningful imagery. In this course, you will see how to use symbolism to deepen the spiritual meaning of your Bible journal pages.

This Online Course Includes...

  • Techniques for how to create 16 beautiful and meaningful Bible Journal pages
  • 15 step-by-step Bible Journaling lessons with over 10 hours of video instruction
  • Scripture woven through the lessons
  • Using stencils as a base for building Bible Margins. Five new Bible Journaling stencils designed by Valerie and produced by StencilGirl® Products will be used, plus another one. You have the option of purchasing the stencils with the course. You can also incorporate stencils you already have and enjoy using
  • Techniques taught on how to make stenciling not look like stencils
  • How to skillfully use Gelatos as dry media, Acrylic Paint, Pen, Colored Pencils, and some Collage in Bible Journaling
  • A variety of challenges from easy, short dry media techniques to layered wet and mixed media
  • Helpful How-To videos on the basics:
    — How to do a Word Study online
    — Playing & practicing stencil combos in an everyday journal
    — Cleaning a stencil with dried paint
    — How to make paint sprays
  • Downloadable PDFs:
    — Stylized text to trace or transfer for 5 passages/margins
    — Bible Margin Basic Template
    — How to do a Word Study online
  • Lifetime access to class
  • Participation in a Private Course Forum
  • Bible Journaling updates with stencils used in the course

Stencils Used in this Class

Supplies Used

Acrylic Mediums: Clear Gesso, Glazing Liquid, Regular White Gesso
Dry media: Gelatos®, pen, and colored pencils
Wet media: Fluid acrylic paints & Satin acrylic glazing liquid
For more specific suggestions click on Tips, Supplies & Resources. A more extensive explanation of the materials and their use will be given with registration of the class.

The following stencils are used to create the Bible journal pages in this class:

NOTE: Stencils may be purchased as a set when registering for the class.

The stencils shown above and listed below are the perfect companion to Bible Journaling with Stencils & More! E-course.
Bible Journal Figures – 9×12″ – Sjodin L575
Bible Journal Margins –  9×12″ – Sjodin L576
Spirit Wind – 9×12″ mask – Sjodin L578
Christian Symbols 1 – 6×6″ – Sjodin S510
Christian Symbols 2 – 6×6″ – Sjodin S511

Two optional 9×12″ stencils, used in one lesson each, may be added when you purchase the set of 5.

A note about affiliate links on my website: I am an affiliate with Amazon, which means I receive a small percentage commission per sale, when products are purchased by clicking on links on my website to Amazon. There is no additional cost to you. If you plan to purchase the items, and click to purchase them from this website, I thank you in advance! It helps support the making and hosting of videos like the one above. I only recommend products I enjoy using often and produce good results.