Bible Journaling with Gelatos®

Bible Journaling with Stencils & Gelatos® Inspiration It’s not often I try a new medium and it gets added to my list of “must haves” but the Faber-Castell Gelatos® have become one of those mediums for me, especially when it comes to Bible Journaling with stencils. The Gelatos® are the perfect companion with stencils! So easy to get a nice, crisp edge and so easy to clean off with a damp cloth or baby wipe. In addition to using Gelatos® in my Journaling Bible, I use them in my everyday Moleskine and Leuchturrm journals too. Using Gelatos® as a dry… Read More

NEW Season – NEW E-Course – NEW Creative Adventure!

A NEW season, NEW creative adventures… as the Spirit moves… NOW! It seems like an accelerated season for so many people right now. For so long we’ve waiting for something to shift, and for many of us it has. That is where I found myself this summer and why you haven’t heard from me since Bible Journaling the Eclipse and Psalm 19. In the Spring, I connected with StencilGirl® Products and designed some NEW stencils. Four out of the six stencils being launched today are specifically designed for Bible Journaling. I am so excited about sharing these with you along… Read More

Bible Journaling the Great American Eclipse – Part 2

Witnessing the eclipse exceeded my expectations! Photo Credit: (NASA/Aubrey Gemignani) from NASA website:    Watching and waiting held its own surprises, like the light shining through the trees the shape of the eclipse, like dancing silver crescents. It was fun to go on the eclipse adventure with friends. Looking through our glasses as the moon was moving across the sun, we saw the process. When totality was reached, a photograph couldn’t capture it. We had to take it in, just in the moment, and remember the best we could. Bible journaling the experience in light of Psalm 19 became even… Read More

Bible Journaling The Great American Eclipse

Tomorrow is the Great American Eclipse. Living fairly close to the path of totality in Oregon, we have our glasses ready and the excitement is mounting. It is estimated 1 million people are traveling and gathering in the path of totality in Oregon alone. It seems like a big deal. Heavenly speaking, I have been looking up verses in the Bible about God speaking through the heavens. I believe God still speaks through heavenly signs today. One of the passages, Psalm 19, I had already done a background previously, with a first layer of Golden Satin Acrylic Glazing Liquid and… Read More

Uplifting Colors of the Year!

This year my focus colors were the theme that came early on. Having a starting color palette of about three colors helps jumpstart my journal and my creative year. I’ve found the palette finds its way into my art and even my wardrobe. This year, I did something different in using the bright, spring colors for my January calendar. I’ve never chose unseasonal colors like that for the winter month of January. But this year I have a strong sense of new beginning, of growth, of stepping out in faith. So, I took a baby step with those colors in… Read More

FREE – a Hopeful, Surprising Word of the Year

FREE – a Hopeful, Surprising Word of the Year 2017 is a year of Freedom! As this year unfolds, I am focusing on being free – making statements like “I am free to ____________________.” “I am free from _____________________.” “Be free to ___________________” etc. I plan to include these “free” pages throughout my everyday calendar journal, exploring ideas and options without pressure. I have a feeling they will bring enjoyment and fun to the concept of a free art-making process. Such as, I am free to play with Washi tape in my journal… Looking up the definition of my word… Read More