Terms of Use:

You may print sheets for your personal use, or for ministry use that complies with the list below.

Any other use, for profit, or commercial use is prohibited

You may not: 

  • Claim the artwork as your own
  • Distribute or repackage the digital files, in part or in whole, including compilations, kits, CDs, or file sharing
  • Use the art in any new work of art, collage, or other kit that you sell
  • Use the art for Print on Demand stores (POD)
  • License any derivative works of the artwork/design, such as collage etc.
  • Make any products using the images to sell
  • Infringe on the intellectual copyright of Valerie Sjodin©

If you post creations made with coloring pages to personal facebook, instagram, personal blog etc. please properly attribute Valerie Sjodin as the artist for the design/coloring page. If you want to be extra nice, include a link to the website: https://valeriesjodin.com/

For any questions or licensing questions please email Valerie at valerie@valeriesjodin.com 

This is a digital download so nothing will be shipped.

You can see how this coloring page is transformed into a luminous journal in the Painting Luminous Light video.

Also check out the visual Scripture devotional in the candlelight video.

Coloring Book

If you would like the entire book of 47 coloring/journaling images ready for wet or dry media, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Colorful Blessings: Blossom With Joy
Colorful Blessings: Blossom With Joy