Easy ways to draw Celtic knots, designs & lettering on a spiritual journey through the Celtic Christian hymn ‘Be Thou My Vision’

Many Celtic knots have no beginning and no end. The Christian influence in the Celtic culture redeemed the Celtic knot from the futility of the endless cycle of life to death, transforming it into the hopeful symbolism of life, death and resurrection. 

As you draw the Celtic knots in these lessons, you can meditate on the hope we have of everlasting life knowing the God of the cosmos chooses to intertwine Himself with you personally.

In this course, there are 20 illuminated page lessons, one lesson for each phrase in the hymn, which has five verses/stanzas.  The knots chosen in each lesson are ones are chosen to relate to the meaning of the words in the hymn. The individual lessons all have detailed video instructions and a PDF layout of the illuminated page, as well as 20 companion video and PDF devotionals with heart-full questions and prompts at the end of each lesson included.

Keys to Drawing Celtic Knots & Illumination


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Keys to Drawing Celtic Knots & Illumination E-Course Includes...

What you will receive in this course

  • Welcome & supply videos to help you get started, including drawing the basic knot and beginning Celtic lettering videos
  • 20 video lessons with multiple videos showing start-to-finish how to create 20 illuminated pages for each phrase of the hymn ‘Be Thou my Vision’ in dry media (pencil, pens, colored pencils, with suggested but optional Gelatos®)
  • 20 downloadable PDF page layouts of the illuminated pages. Some contain additional PDFs with visual/written instructions.
  • 20 video devotionals, around 10 minutes each, to go along with the phrase of the week.
  • 20 downloadable devotional PDFs with Scripture, “Heart-full” questions and spiritual exercises to inspire you to grow deeper in your walk with God

Special Features

  • The course starts now with the Welcome and information available at time of purchase. It is a journey I am excited to walk together. The lessons are planned for 1 per week, but you will receive two lessons at a time in order to give you the greatest flexibility of when you do the lessons. This is a 20 week course, and after that you will have lifetime access to the entire course. The first two lessons will be published on Friday, March 27, 2020. After that two lessons will be published every other Friday and you will receive a reminder email with a link to our class.
  • Opportunities for us to interact with one another, both written and through imagery in the comments section of each lesson
  • Helpful references, resources, and recommended reading lists & links
  • Bonus lesson on how to make a travelers journal style cover for the journal (wet media on watercolor paper)

Here is an inspirational video sharing a brief history about St. Patrick and the Celtic Christian hymn that inspired this course.

How to Paint Birds, Eggs, Feathers & Nests E-Course

Step-by-step acrylic painting techniques and symbolism to inspire
personal meaning & art-making

There is something special about birds – full of wonder, flight, freedom… An egg is a symbol of hope and possibility. Feathers speak of spirituality, and nests of the nurturing comfort of home. There is also something special about being able to paint these as symbols of our personal story.

Do you want to improve your painting skill while celebrating the wonder of birds? In this course you can! There are 7 step-by-step video lessons with bird themes of eggs, birds, feathers, and nests. Have fun and learn how to paint realistically and expressively with acrylics on a variety of surfaces and backgrounds: watercolor sheet/journal, wood board or canvas, sheet music (thin paper.)

How to Paint Birds, Eggs, Feathers & Nests


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How to Paint Birds, Eggs, Feathers & Nest in Acrylics E-Course Includes...

Course Outline

  • Welcome and Intro
    What about color, paint and brushes?
    Preparing to paint & making an accordion journal
  • Drawing & Painting Eggs
    Symbolism of the egg & drawing the egg
    Painting eggs
  • Sketching & Painting Feathers
    Symbolism of feathers
    Painting feathers
  • Sketching & Painting a Bird
    Symbolism of birds & where to find photo reference
    Painting the bird with acrylics
  • Sketching & Painting a Nest with Eggs
    Symbolism of the nest
    Painting the nest
    Lettering title of the accordion journal
  • Painting a personalized nest on canvas
    Personalizing & painting your nest to reflect your season in life
  • Painting a hummingbird
    Painting a hummingbird & personalizing your painting with flower photo
  • Painting a Songbird on Music Sheet Background
    Preparing sheet music to paint on
    Painting sparrows onto music

Special Features

  • Symbolism of the egg, bird, feather, and nest
  • 3 audio bird stories and inspirational quotes and Scripture
  • Where to find photo reference of birds to paint from
  • Inspiration for making art personally meaningful
  • 8 Downloadable PDFs:
    — Photo reference of the projects in the course (except an egg)
    — Eggs template
    — Sheet music for background
  • BONUS! 2 ways of adhering paper paintings to wood cradle boards to finish artwork ready to hang.
  • Lifetime access to class for the life of the class
  • Group interaction within course with ability to upload photos of your Bird themed art and comments

Bible Journaling with Stencils & More E-Course

Bible Journaling with Stencils & More will help you take your Bible journaling to the next level, using stencils designed by Valerie, produced by StencilGirl® Products (stencilgirlproducts.com). In this course, each Bible journaling lesson includes HD video showing detailed step-by-step processes of Bible journaling. The lessons range from simple, journaling with dry media in the margin, to more complex mixed media. This class is more than learning art techniques. Scripture is woven in throughout the class. There is a lesson on how to do a word study, which is often the basis for developing meaningful imagery. In this course, you will see how to use symbolism to deepen the spiritual meaning of your Bible journal pages.

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Bible Journaling with Stencils & More E-Course Includes...

  • Techniques showing how to create 17 beautiful and meaningful Bible Journal pages
  • 14 step-by-step Bible Journaling lessons with over 12 hours of video instruction + 3 BONUS lessons ~ How to Bible Journal the Cross: Step-by-step instructions for my most pinned Bible Journaling page.
  • Scripture woven through the lessons
  • Using stencils as a base for building Bible Margins. Five new Bible Journaling stencils designed by Valerie and produced by StencilGirl® Products will be used, plus another one. You have the option of purchasing the stencils with the course. You can also incorporate stencils you already have and enjoy using
  • Techniques taught on how to make stenciling not look like stencils
  • How to skillfully use Gelatos as dry media and as a permanent wet media, Acrylic Paint, Pen, Colored Pencils, and some Collage in Bible Journaling
  • A variety of challenges from easy, short dry media techniques to layered wet and mixed media
  • A bonus lesson that includes how to use watercolor in your Bible journaling
  • Helpful How-To videos on the basics:
    — How to do a Word Study online
    — Playing & practicing stencil combos in an everyday journal
    — Cleaning a stencil with dried paint
    — How to make paint sprays
  • 8 Downloadable PDFs:
    — Stylized text to trace or transfer for 5 passages/margins
    — Bible Margin Basic Template
    — How to do a Word Study online
  • Lifetime access to class for the life of the class
  • Group interaction within course with ability to upload photos of your Bible journaling page and comments
  • Bible Journaling updates with stencils used in the course

Stencils Used in the Class

Supplies Used

Acrylic Mediums: Clear Gesso, Glazing Liquid, Regular White Gesso
Dry media: Gelatos®, pen, and colored pencils
Wet media: Fluid acrylic paints & Satin acrylic glazing liquid
For more specific suggestions click on Tips, Supplies & Resources. A more extensive explanation of the materials and their use will be given with registration of the class.

The following stencils are used to create the Bible journal pages in this class:

NOTE: Stencils may be purchased as a set when registering for the class.

The stencils shown above and listed below are the perfect companion to Bible Journaling with Stencils & More! E-course.
Bible Journal Figures – 9×12″ – Sjodin L575
Bible Journal Margins –  9×12″ – Sjodin L576
Spirit Wind – 9×12″ mask – Sjodin L578
Christian Symbols 1 – 6×6″ – Sjodin S510
Christian Symbols 2 – 6×6″ – Sjodin S511

Two optional 9×12″ stencils, used in one lesson each, may be added when you purchase the set of 5.

When I take a class, I hope to gain some techniques and tips that will help me enhance my own artwork and style. That is what I've worked to create in these workshops. What I do is walk through my process of making an art journal, sharing my inner process as I go, exploring ideas, and demonstrating step-by-step techniques for making the art journal and pages. These classes are technique driven, not product driven. We each have something to say from our heart and my hope is that these workshops will help you say what is in your heart.


"I believe we are each created with the potential to make beautiful things
- our own kind of beautiful."

~ Valerie Sjodin

A Spiritual Journey of Discovering
& Creatively Activating Your Word of the Year

I have been excited about A Word Well Lived™ e-course because discovering and living out A Word Well Lived™ throughout the year has been one of the most consistent and meaningful things I do that connects my life, faith and art.

My hope was to launch this brand new class autumn of 2016, but A few unexpected health events with family members came up and my priorities shifted. I am grateful to be there to help. There have also been some technological challenges in the launching of the new website that have impacted a new online course. All that to say, A Word Well Lived™ e-course is not available at this time. I am working to have it ready to launch fall of 2017, Lord willing.

This does not mean I won’t have a word of the year. In fact, it is more important than ever! A word for 2017 has already emerged for me as “The One.” It promises to be both am exciting and challenging. As the word, theme and life unfolds in 2017, I will be posting highlights of the journey on my blog. I hope to hear more about your word too.

Blessings to you of creative courage as we move onward and forward!

Watch this video to find out how discovering and activating
a word of the year has helped and enhanced my life:

Stay tuned for more exciting information coming soon!

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