Listening  & Responding to the Holy Spirit  in a Visual Way

~ Get drawing/art materials & sketchbook ready. 
~ Have Bible and any other desired text on hand.

Basic steps:

1. Be still, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes & be aware of how you feel. 
What is on your mind? What are you concerned about? 
2. Focus on God: who He is, what He’s done, what He looks like… Imagine yourself 
letting go of your concerns, placing them in God’s hands.
3. Be open, listen for revelation, and ask God to give you a greater awareness 
of His presence, His vision, and meaningful imagery
4. When you feel ready, pick up a drawing tool and begin to draw/doodle what 
hear/see/feel on one side of open sketchpad (on the left side if you’re right handed 
and on the right side if you’re left handed). Let go of control and let God lead.
5. When you’re finished, look at the artwork, thank God for it, and listen to what 
God is saying to you.
6. Write on opposite page what you see/hear God saying to you through it.

Don’t push your own ideas or expectations on the artwork. It is not about making 
good artwork. It is about listening to the Lord and responding using a visual language.

Some various techniques & ideas that can be used:

With eyes closed scribble how you feel; open them at any moment you feel 
led and continue drawing if desired.
Draw a circle and then begin
Paint/color, & then draw on top
With eyes closed scribble to music. Open your eyes, (or not) as you feel led
Meditate on a passage of Scripture (Lectio Divino) and/or prayer/s of the 
Saints while drawing
Incorporate words or phrases into the visual portion of your prayer
Use other mediums such as collage, clay  or wire sculpture

Goal of Intercessory Prayer & Blessing: for the receiver to feel loved by God. 
If that happens, the person used to give the blessing is also blessed and feels loved.     

“Holy Spirit, think through me till your ideas are my ideas.”             ~ Amy Carmichael

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