Notes about acrylic paints for Art Journaling Workshops:
I often get asked about paints even with a supply list, “Do I need a particular brand?” What kind or color?” Or I don’t get asked and wish I would’ve been asked so the person would have a more fruitful painting experience. So here is a list and explanation of what kind of paints I use and what kinds work best in the classes I teach.
The paints brought to the art journaling workshops should be fluid (in bottles) for the types of painting we will do for painting papers.
My favorite brand and type are Golden Fluid Acrylicsand I highly recommend them for this class. They are top quality, the colors are intense, the flow is great and they have a wide variety of transparent colors that layer beautifully. They are also expensive. The small bottles are sufficient for the workshops. If cost is an issue, I suggest buying some colors you love (about 5) in the craft bottles such as Delta or Folk Art, and if possible 2-3 golden fluid transparent colors. I suggest participants have 5-7 paint colors on hand. If you like metallic paints, by all means you may use those too. If you want a wider range of colors for general painting (not necessarily in the art journaling workshop) and don’t want to spend the money on Golden brand, the following colors are found in most brands of paint: Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White, and Raw Umber. You may also want to purchase a primary yellow color, a primary red color, and a black (opt.) in place of the recommended ones below. 
Here’s my scoop on Golden paints: Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold is the most versatile color, transparent, and plays well with others, worth the expense. It seems to be nearly everyone’s favorite. And Quinacridone Crimsonor Quinacridone Magenta. Choose whichever one you like best.  They are both rich and transparent.
If you like turquoise/aqua I would get Turquoise (Phthalo). It is beautiful and transparent, intense and mixes well with yellows to make bright greens and with white for sky and water and other things. If you want a natural deeper green color right out of the bottle then Sap Green Hue is for you. Green Gold is another favorite with participants and I use it often.
For a Golden brand of primary red I recommend Pyrrole Red, or if you use more orange-red in your painting, then I would recommend Naphthol Red Light. Hansa Yellow Medium is the primary yellow. My favorite yellow is Diarylide Yellow. It leans toward the gold and is not as weak of a color as Hansa. Both are good to have, but if you only have one, I’d choose Hansa Yellow Medium for its mixing qualities as long as you have a good red.
Merely my preferences: Green Goldis a very transparent yellow green. Mixed with turquoise, I can get a variety of bright greens. But then again, green apple is one of my favorite colors, purely optional. Two purples I use are Dioxazine Purple and Permanent Violet Dark. Dioxazine Purple is a royal purple, intense, very deep and mixes with other colors to make a rich black without using black. It also mixes with turquoise to make a beautiful blue, and with Quinacridone Magenta for lovely violets. Permanent Violet Dark leans towards the reds. Metallic paints such as iridescent gold, both Deep and Bright (fine). They are a lovely addition to painting tissue papers.
Neutrals: Golden Titan Buff is a transparent light beige. I use it most often when painting flesh, in softening backgrounds or layers that are too bright. I don’t use it much in journaling, but in other kinds of painting. Golden Bone Black is a transparent black, which is why I use it almost exclusively as my black. It is optional for the class. Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide is a warm neutral in my book. It is like a transparent yellow ochre. It is not as intense or as orangish as the Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold. I use it for subtle aging, often with Raw Umber.

Additional Note: In the Golden brand the three primary colors that are used to mix many other colors are: Quinacridone Magenta, Phthalo Blue (green shade), and Hansa Yellow Medium.
Note about matte medium:
Any brand will do. I’ve used both Golden and Blick.
Valerie Sjodin Copyright 2013

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