Art Contemplation Cards


Set of 4 Art Contemplation cards featuring four paintings plus a card that tells the brief background story of each painting on one side and Scripture meditations from the Bible on the other. Size is 5″x7″. Suitable for mailing as a postcard, framing, and using for contemplation. See description below for more information. Click on image for clearer picture. Shipping Note: We are unable to ship internationally at this time


The English Dictionary defines contemplation as:

  1. thoughtful or long consideration or observation
  2. spiritual meditation esp (in Christian religious practice) concentration of the mind and soul upon God
  3. purpose or intention

I am so grateful God seeks us out and speaks to us in so many ways such as: relationships, experiences, the Holy Bible, sacred writings, through our senses, nature, music and visual art… My hope for these contemplation cards is that they will encourage listening prayer and meaningful conversations with God.

These four paintings were done as visual forms of prayer and praise. Each one has its own process and story. The card with text includes a brief story of each one on one side and suggested Scripture verses from the Holy Bible on the other. Using the contemplation cards could be a similar process to “Lectio Divina”, Latin for “divine reading”, letting God speak to you through Scripture, taking time to be quiet with it, looking  deeper, asking questions, mulling it over, and responding to what God is saying through it. These images could add “Visio Divina”, Latin for “divine seeing”, to the contemplation process, letting God speak to you through the images, asking, and responding in prayer and gratitude.