E-Course ~ Marbling & More!

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Online Workshop ~ Marbling & More!

In Marbling & More we will make a journal and walk through the step-by-step process of marbling pages of our journal, enhancing the marbling, and painting papers. The techniques taught in this course serve as a base to build the rest of the journal. I love this one because in addition to new skills, it focuses on playing, enjoying the process like a child again!


You are invited to join me as we walk through the process of making an art journal. In the series, I demonstrate my process of making the Hope Journal, and refer to other journals throughout.  I share tips and show you the secrets of Art Journaling I’ve discovered over the years, breaking the techniques down into step-by-step formats that show how to create journals such as the Faith and Gratitude Journals. The processes shown are often what I go through to make my art journals and teach during in-person classes.

Although each workshop stands alone in its teaching content, they are a part of a series that begins with Marbling & More. The techniques taught in Marbling & More serve as the base for the Hope Art Journal, moving on to Embellishing Edges & Text and Beautiful Backgrounds, then Lettering & Doodling Hope. The lessons are filled with step-by-step video demonstrations and inspiration that will enable you to apply the techniques in your journal using your own personal style. All the videos are available at one time, listed in the sidebars, so you can take them at your own pace, pause, and apply the techniques instantly, at your leisure. You will have unlimited access to the workshops, as long as the workshop is offered, so there is no need to feel rushed by a deadline. You will need access to high speed internet connection to view the videos, so keep this in mind when registering. Private Facebook groups are available to join for each workshop.